Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trendy On The Cheap

So I mentioned yesterday that I was finally brave enough to wear my skinny jeans.  But I neglected to mention (again- because I did post this a loooong time ago) how I came to purchase them.  Or more specifically what I paid for them.

OK so as you all know, my style is classic and preppy.  I have clothes that don't fit due to an expanding waistline, but that are still perfectly in style circa middle school.  I own very little that is considered "in" or "cool."  I am surprised that skinny jeans are still en vogue to be honest.  They certainly do not flatter every body type.  And the ever popular combo of skinny legs with a low rise waist on a teen who isn't fully aware of what flatters her body (read: a size larger can sometimes make you look two sizes smaller when it means you will no longer have rolls hanging over the pants) is the cause of many (silent, in my head) gasps that anyone let you walk out of the house like that.

But last year I decided that this trend was clearly sticking around a bit longer than I anticipated.  I wanted to try them.  And then I found a coupon for $5 denim at Target.  I paired that coupon with a sale and snagged my jeans for just $4.99.  I have another (non skinny leg) pair that I actually got totally free as they were on sale for $4.99 before my $5 coupon!  That was about the max I was willing to pay for something that I knew good and well might never leave my closet.

This post has a point...I promise.

OK so the $5/1 denim coupon is back on the Target coupon page, y'all!  My advice is to print that puppy now and keep it with you when you pop into Target on errands.  It will likely make for a great deal on a pair of jeans- skinny, boot cut or otherwise.  And for anyone like me, who is too nervous to spend much on a trendy clothing item, this is a great way to step outside your box without breaking a budget.

I promise to post if I start seeing sales.  Though I've not been in any clothing sections in months as fall/winter clothes depress me.  Why oh why are maroon and evergreen the brightest colors available for sweaters?  I'm sorry, but no one looks cute in maroon.  I think I age 40 years just saying the word ... mah-roooon.  Blah!


Kate said...

I think skinny jeans are hit or miss too. I have some from Gap that I LOVE (they were super cheap). I don't think I'd ever spend $100+ on a trend like skinny jeans.

I printed that coupon. Hoping to find something on sale soon!

Dr. Blondie said...

I love it that you found those jeans so cheap. I also love it that you finally wore them!

Michelle said...

What a deal (or rather steal!) I am embarassed to admit I had no idea Target had coupons like that! Thanks for the heads up. I am sure I have missed tons of great deals.


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