Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Tide You Over...

I did not in fact fall off the face of the Earth.  I've actually had a ton of fun this month.  And been sick.  And kissed my Godson and his little sister over and over and over again.  While sick.  Don't worry, they're fine.  And cried because I had to leave them.  Like on an airplane in an aisle seat where everyone could see me bawling.  Whatever.  It's not like I will ever see those 200 fellow passengers again.  I hope.  I've also had lots of meetings and other normal stuff that manages to fill up my every waking moment.

So this month, blogging just didn't make the cut.  I will get back on here.  Really.  Next week, if not earlier.  I have some fun projects to show you. 

Until then though, here are some awesome posts that I read last night on a few of my favorite blogs.  Consider this a little intro to some new (and fantastic) reading material.  Let me know what you think...

Oh sweet Tyler!  I love this girl and wish we lived closer as I am pretty sure she would be great fun over drinks, girl talk and SEC football. 

Read this post and then do yourself a favor and read her entire blog.  Your life will be forever changed by Courtney's words and it will make you feel extra thankful for all you have this Thanksgiving.

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