Friday, February 5, 2010

Ladies Love A Man In A Tie

This is what I made my Godson Jack for Valentine's day. Adorable, right? I think it's pretty cute anyway. I think he'll look rather handsome in it. In my note I told him that ladies love a man in a tie. Because we do.

I made the most of these to add to my etsy shop this weekend.

I think the blue fish Lilly fabric is my favorite. Boy + Lilly = so sweet! Darling any time of year.

This has been a doozy of a week. And it's only Friday. The stress will continue through next week at a minimum. Ahhh! I had crazy high hopes that this year would be different and fabulous and far it bites. Not that I am sitting around all woe is me. I don't have that kind of free time anyway. It is just so busy and stressful and so not how I had hoped it would go. I need a brain vacation- to force myself to turn it all off for a bit.

Oh and my DVD player died. I don't watch movies much but I prefer to workout (when I do workout- which if I am being honest- was not recently) with DVD's. So today, I did the most unfun thing ever. Bought a new DVD player. I seriously cannot think of much that is less fun than buying technology anything. So there were two DVD players by the same maker and offered the same services but one was $10 more than the other. And pink. So I ask the employees (two of them) why the price difference and they started to read the boxes. I'm all, "um I can read the box...they say the same thing." They tell me they "guess" it's because one is pink. OK, great sales tactics. So I say that I am not that dedicated to pink plastic and hand them that one to keep and I accept that black (and less expensive) one. To which they both literally huffed and moaned out loud that I asked them to please take back one of the DVD players. They lived like 20 feet from where we were standing and there was no one else in the store. I didn't ask too much, I don't think. When I worked retail I much preferred to put items away myself as customers never did it to company standard so I would have to re-do it anyway. I was all kinds of polite so I was taken aback when they were all annoyed. Whatever, they took it back. But also fought over which one had to walk the whopping 20 feet to put it away.

I hope y'all enjoy your snow days. Even though I live in the North Pole, we are yet again missing out on the big snows. All the snowflakes are falling south of here. Which makes me nervous. Because it makes me feel like ours is coming. In April. And while I can find ways to enjoy the cold and coziness of a blizzard in January, it is far less charming when the rest of the country is wearing flip flops.

I know it's early but is it terrible to put on my pj's and get into bed and veg out to TV? I hope not because in about 4 minutes, that is what my Friday night will consist of. And as sad as it might be, I'm sooo excited. I'm exhausted!


Anonymous said...

Those are so stinkin' adorable! I wish I was more crafty! xxe

DC GOP Girl said...

Sooo cute!

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Those are absolutely adorable! My little nugget of a nephew would look sooo cute in one:)

katie lake said...

Those are so cute!

Unknown said...

I love those! I might have to try it!

adozeneggs said...

Sorry you're having a crappy year so far.
I'm wondering what's going on with Sadie's nose? Is it all better?
Our tv is about to die and I'm not looking forward to that shopping trip.
Love the little onesies. You know if I had a use for them I'd buy a bunch!!


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