Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time For Turkey

So many of us are trying to do weekly meal planning- to save time and money and keep our sanity each evening. This year I've started to do my meal plans two weeks at a time. I've found it (so far) to be even more efficient. Oh sure, there are frequently nights that I end up having a meeting and not being home for dinner. (All of my JL meetings this term seem to be planned very last minute for whatever reason....argh) And I might need to run to the store at the mid point to pick up more milk or fresh veggies. But I have a two week plan and that is just such a stress reliever for me. More than a week ago I made a turkey breast in the crockpot with sweet potatoes and onions. Ate that for a night or two and then used leftover turkey for enchiladas. Ate those for two nights (I shared- don't go thinking I ate a pan of enchiladas by myself in two little meals) and froze the rest of the meat until last night. When I made my favorite black bean soup with turkey. Half a bird cooked once in the crockpot fed me, family and friends for a week and half. It's all about the two week plan! OCD? Perhaps. But I have my sanity. And that my dear friends, is priceless!

Oh I am making the sweetest little prezzie for my Godson. Pictures to come tomorrow. Promise!


Suburban Princess said...

That's awesome that you stick to your meal plan...I have tried in the past but I can never predict what I am going to want to eat!

Jamie said...

We have to make a weekly menu too because if we don't we'll just end up going out to eat! But I really like planning out our menu :)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see what you are making!

Sherrie said...

Of all my goals for 2010, menu planning has been the most successful thus far.

Anonymous said...

Being a bit OCD is a small price for feeling sane, I think. I never thought of turker enchiladas, that's such a great idea!


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