Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No News

I stink so far this year. I'm here. And have been healthy for a while now. But I'm just busy and then by the time I finish everything, I'm too lazy to get on and blog. So that's the truth of the matter, I'm lazy. I figure honesty is my best policy, especially between dear friends. But I need to get back on here this weekend to show you photos of the best loafer ever that I got for Christmas and new sewing projects and Lilly prezzies from my Godson. Coming soon....I swear!

In the mean time, have y'all seen (and if you say "no" I will assume you just never watch TV because it is on all the bloody time) the commercial with the characters from (I think) Shrek (spl?) trying to encourage kids to exercise? Every time I see it, I see it twice. It runs back to back. So not only is it incredibly annoying once, but twice. For whatever reason, this commercial annoys me more than anything else currently on television. Argh. The voices, the music, the whole thing makes my skin crawl. And on top of that, I don't for one minute believe it (or commercials like it) will actually encourage kids to exercise.

So other than that, I'm busy with Junior League and sorority stuff. My kids come back to school this weekend and we have our biggest meeting of the year on Sunday. I'm so excited! I love a new year and a fresh agenda and the chance to set new goals. The kids are probably dreading this all day meeting. Because you know, they're teenagers and sitting in a circle hashing out documents and agendas is not their idea of a good time. But I'm the big boss lady and I said they have to come. Ha!

So, I'll be back very soon with less complaining, funny plane stories and most importantly, photographs!


tintarosa said...

I haven't seen the excersize ad. The blitz of ads for forest fire prevention have hit my last nerve.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are so busy Miss PPC, it all sounds like good stuff, especially JL. And from this corner of the globe it doesn't sound like laziness. at. all. It simply sounds like someone who has a lot going on and using energy for those activities instead of putting it into the blog.... just MHO. :)

Hope the rest of your week is fab!

Bumby Scott said...

Hello, I for one have not seen the commercial, but I'll look for it so that I can be annoyed. No one should be annoyed alone.I have the same reaction to the Head on commercial.
So, Chin up, and smile that your not alone.

Always Bumby

AJLinBoston said...

Sounds like you've just been busy, busy, busy - not lazy! I feel the same way though, I always have great posts in my head but don't get around to taking the necessary photos and uploading them.

Preppy Lizard said...

I feel the same way. I just have been so lazy about blogging. Glad you're back and can't wait to see your new projects.
I have not seen that commercial but it sounds annoying!!! :)

alanna said...

haha that is TOO funny about the shrek commercials...the only commercials we get on AFN are these really funny ones that are more like 80's public service announcements - a pretty girl walks up to an obviously military guy at a bar, and he's looking around like "who me?" and she starts chatting with him, and then out pops a handful of prescription party drugs, and you watch his brain work, and then he's like no thank you!! and walks off and we learn that servicemembers must say no to drugs...brilliant marketing, obviously.

glad to hear that you didn't have to deal with the monsters, though!!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see photos! And I have to laugh because we have our big important meeting next weekend and I know the girls are all dreading it. I bought new highlighters and a new notebook just for the occasion - my poor team has a lot of cheerful to put up with next Sunday.


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