Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Favorites

I have been tagged by Buford Betty to share some of my favs...

Sound - rain at night.

Late Night Snack - frozen fruit bars

Smell - coffee

Color Combination - pink and green of course! This time of year I also love red and black too!

Nut - pecans or frozen macadamias

Time of Year - Fall!

Books - I love love Harry Potter. But anything chic lit is up my ally too. Nothing too serious though.

Vegetable - artichoke, acorn squash, asparagus, spinach

Male Actor - Matt Damon and Josh Jackson

Female Actress - Reese, Gwyneth, Jennifer and Anne

Flower - peony, Gerber daisy, hydrangea, and tulip

Vacation Spot - Steamboat, Aspen and NYC

Pizza - spinach and mushroom

Subject in School - English, Math, Art and Religion

TV Channel - Food TV, HGTV, History, CNN

Radio Station - I'm a flipper. So no station in particular. I will flip until I find something I feel like listening to at that moment.

Holiday - Halloween, Fourth of July

Perfume - Salvatore Ferragamo

Shoes - ballet flats, loafers

Candy - Oh I have a huge sweet tooth! Swedish Fish, Sour Gummies, Hot Tamales, Twizzlers. It's all about the sugar crap for me. No chocolate please- just not my thing.

City to Shop - Not Upstate NY, that's for sure! NYC, Georgetown, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston .... anywhere but here pretty much!

Beauty Products - As prissy as I am, I am not at all into beauty products. I use concealer and blush every day. But I am not brand specific. I am however a sucker for packaging. Those ad companies see me coming a mile away. So put your $2 product in a $40 box and chances are I will buy it.

Item to Shop For - shoes, handbags, fabric, stationary, clothes, prezzies, home dec, .... I don't think there is much I don't enjoy shopping for besides items inside a Home Depot or a Grocery Store (I really really dislike grocery shopping!).

I tag Cindy and anyone else who feels like a fun little blog topic today.


Buford Betty said...

I'm right there with you on the packaging. We're a marketing person's dream!

Perfectly Plump Preppy 2.0 said...

I looooove Joshua Jackson. Pacey was always my favorite!


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