Wednesday, September 5, 2007

County Fair

Giant pumpkins.

Crazy squash.

The other day my Daddy asked me if I had ever been to a County Fair. I sort of looked at him sideways, confused, and said "well yes, Dad we went to the county (in South Florida) fair many times growing up." He quickly proclaimed that the Florida fairs were not true county fairs. He then insisted that he take me to the Schaghticoke Fair. To say I was hesitant is being mild. A county fair? Why? How is that fun beyond the age of 10? And he went on and on about how 4H groups (I am still not really sure what 4H is. I gather it is sort of like girl/boy scouts meets farmer. I hated girl scouts and am still scared from the summer I went to girl scout camp!) show their animals and farming whatevers at the fair. Again, why would this be of interest to me, Dad? But he was so excited to show me what a true fair was like so I really felt like I had to say yes. He was just too sweet trying to give me a new experience and no matter how odd I thought it was, this Daddy's girl was not about to turn down the offer. Plus, once in a blue moon a day filled with yummy fair food is good for the soul (albeit horrible for the waistline!). So off we went on Monday to the County Fair.

Baby moo!

First, Dad was right. It was nothing like the fairs we went to growing up in Florida. This fair was smaller but a bigger deal. I'll elaborate. In FL, fairs are something you may or may not attend. You go as kids to ride the crazy rides and eat junk food. Sometimes there were school art exhibits (I was always entered and usually won ribbons and never cared because fairs were just no big deal). This fair was smaller in size but was talked about profusely over the radio, TV and every other form of media for weeks in advance. In a way, it was exactly like something you would see on a Lifetime or TV movie. It was small town.

What every garden needs....a toilet turned flower pot!


Barns and barns and more barns with various animals. Two of the biggest animals I have ever seen were the oxen. The pictures do not do them justice- they were mammoth! I also could not figure out for the life of me why you would want an ox. It's not like you would actually use it to plow or anything in this day and age. At least four barns full of cows. You could pet the cow if you so desired. It should not shock you to know I did not feel it necessary to pet any of the animals. Ew. Then there were all sorts of contests and demonstrations. Milking demonstrations. Cow milking contests. The frog jump olympics was a personal favorite, though I didn't get a decent picture to post. Dog shows and square dancing and llama exhibitions oh my!

Oxen Demonstration

Up close and person with an Ox.
Blacksmith demo.
Machines thru the years. NOT my highlight of the fair.
My favorite animal barn was hands down the chicken and bunny barn. I have never been so close to chickens before and had no idea how beautiful they are up close. I remember years ago when Martha first debuted her paint colors and told David Letterman that they were all inspired by her chicken eggs. I thought that was sort of cool and also a little nutty. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Martha. But chicken egg paint colors? Turns out MS was right. Of course! Those chickens were so diverse and beautiful and their eggs were just as diverse and beautiful. I want chickens now. Don't worry, I'm sure my mild chicken obsession will soon pass. I mean, as much as I profess this new found love for them, I didn't actually touch them. Ick. The bunnies were adorable. But the black and white feather chickens were my favorite! Sooo pretty!!
Chickens and turkeys. Gobble gobble gobble!

Pretty, pretty chicken.

Cute bunny.
And the fair food did not disappoint. Sausage and peppers, kettle corn and my childhood favorite...a frozen chocolate and peanut covered banana on a stick (this would not be for you BB). Mmmmm good!
Roosters and hens. The white chickens were fluffy and beautiful!
Award winning garden goodies.

I don't know that I would go back to a fair without children ever again. But it was fun and really cute to share this with my Dad. He went on and on telling me about entering his chickens and goats (he didn't actually grow up on a true farm but in my opinion, any house with chickens and goats is a farm) and tomatoes in the 4H contests and displays. It was awesome to hear childhood stories and a little bit more of my family history. Especially since I am going on record here saying my gosh-I-hope-one-day-maybe-please children and I will never own a goat. And a chicken is unlikely too. Definitely not an ox or cow. Or turkey. Yeah, I a pampered pooch girl and that's it.

My favorite chicken- isn't she beautiful?!


Perfectly Plump Preppy 2.0 said...

We stopped in on Sunday to have dinner,visit with a politician friend of ours and see the horses.

Glad you had fun.

Buford Betty said...

Oh this is tooooo funny! I'm so seeing Charlotte's Web right now in my head! And who knew chickens were so darn cute? Yeah that banana thing sounds gross, bestest, but I'm glad you liked it.

We went to the county fair when I was little but it wasn't quite like that! A few animals but more like a big flea market.

Michelle said...

I enjoyed the photos...I took my kids there once when we lived up there (it was a true "agrigarian" experience!).

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I so had to laugh at you! I was a proud member of 4-H and raised all kinds of animals for my projects. We has chickens, goats, cows, pigs, grew vegetables, ate (turn away animal lovers) them also.

I used to live for the fair and had many ribbons and trophies to show for it.

4-H is like the girl scouts or the brownies, but our projects were animal related. We didn't earn badges, we got ribbons at the fair.

You didn't mention funnel cakes. Ahhhhh....pancake mix drizzled in hot oil from the nozzle of a funnel and then topped with confectioner's sugar. Yummy!

The egg colors that Martha mentioned are from the Araucana chickens who lay eggs in various soft green and blue hues. The black/white chicken is a Dominique.
We raised both.

I also had a pet chicken that I called Frizzie. This is what she looked like: Each of her feathers curled up at the ends like a flip.

You may commence with the mocking and scorn now!

Sew Biz said...

This is great. Growing up in a VERY small town and farm country - the fair was a big deal when I was little. Ours looked just like the one you went too - how funny. All of my friends were in the 4H (not me). I grew up with horses and dogs. Glad you had fun!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

What an outing! Good for you!

Lori said...

oh I love county fairs, how fun that must have been with your dad!
Great pictures too, love the chickens!


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