Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've Seen The Commercials And Other Kardashian Business

***Note: I have been trying to publish this and two other posts for days now and Blogger is just being ridiculous.  It changes my scheduled posts to drafts totally randomly and drives me batty.  Anyone else having this issue too?  For me it's been going on for close to a year now.

My father.  God bless him.  He's such a dad.  Just your typical, dorky daddy who is not at all in tune with pop culture.

So we are at a local holiday event last night and on the walk there, he starts telling me about this headline news story that he had just read online.  It went something like this...

Dad: So I was reading news updates online and the latest story (and he's super proud that he is breaking this news piece to me, by the way) is that the oldest Kardashian sister (I immediately start giggling hearing my dad reference the K family), who already has one baby with that jerk guy, is pregnant again.  And they are barely speaking.

Me: Who is barely speaking?

Dad: The oldest Kardashian sister and the father of her baby.  But it's the same father for the second baby too.

Me: How do you know they are barely speaking? (Curious as all get out because I don't even watch the show so for all I know, dad has some sort of tacky trashy Kardashian insight here.)

Dad: I've seen the commercials.

And that my friends, is how we break news up here in the North Pole.  From a sweet old man via either CNN, the local newspaper or AOL online news tickers.

But it gets better....

He also told me that the night before was the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting/music concert on TV.  I immediately quipped that I was bummed I didn't know it was on/wasn't home to watch it.  But before I could finish he went into great detail regarding why it was a horrible show. 

Tony Bennett can't sing.  (I agree.) 

Faith Hill cancelled because it was her daughter's birthday but dad suspects there is something else going on because she obviously knew the date of her daughter's birth when she booked the gig and it's all very suspicious.  (I agree it does sound fishy but it was hilarious how much it bothered him and then hearing him say that he thinks there is more to that story made me laugh so hard.) 

He complained about someone else but he couldn't remember the singer's name.  (Which is typically how these story's go with dad.) 

He said Michael Buble didn't dance and rather just stood there.  (I was like, well he's not a pop star.  He doesn't dance.  He's like a contemporary Sinatra.)  Dad didn't like my answer.  Apparently according to him, if you are going to do this big show you need more to your bit than just standing there.

But according to daddy-o, the biggest miss of the night was a duet between Justin Bieber and Usher.  (Now dad had no idea who Usher was- side note I actually love me some Usher- and was like, he seems like he has a very nice voice.)  But Usher's voice was much better than Justin's and it didn't look like they practiced whatever it was that they did.  (I explained that Justin was 15- he is right?  And Usher is my age.)

Now this story might not translate as funny but I want this memory recorded.  You see, dad is terrible with people details.  If a family member has a baby and he goes to see the baby and I ask him about it.  He will be able to (most of the time) tell me the gender.  But never the name.  Ever.  And he would never think to ask how the mother is recovering, etc.  That's just an example to note that he doesn't even think of a fraction of the questions running through my noggin every two minutes.  He's a dad.

So the fact that dad was so hot and bothered by these two pop culture situations and remembered details is so funny to me. 

And proof that everyone has an opinion when it comes to any of the Kardashian sisters!  Even if their sources are news tickers and commercials.


Lauren said...

not register as funny? I think it's pretty freaking hilarious! Your dad sounds so cute!

REBrown said...

Too funny! It always makes me laugh when my parents try to talk pop culture.

katie lake said...

I love "talks" like this with my dad. Ours normally involve dad getting really excited to tell me about such and such doing this and that and how ridiculous it is. He also likes to tell me "facts" about stars like Jerry Lee Lewis or Brett Favre because they are both from down in Mississippi where my dad lived most of his life.

PS Michael Buble's special just came on the TV while I was typing this.

Amy - OPC said...

This is AWESOME - I love it! :)

Elizabeth said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now.....Love it!

This is too funny!! Sounds like a conversation I would have with my dad. :)

Ruth said...

This is hilarious


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