Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Gift

So the baptism was this weekend and it was really nice. Private and just for family. I've never seen that before as I am not Catholic. I was totally thrown off with the walking to the back of the church and then back again to our seats. But whatever- chalk it up to a new life experience. And the baby was as cute as can be of course- always fun to see a cutie baby! She was wearing the binky buddy clip that I made for her so that was nice for me to see a gift in action so to speak.

As far as my gift to the baby for her baptism, I loved all of your wonderful suggestions. Thank you! But in the end, I just didn't feel at all comfortable gifting a bible or rosary. I knew they would be given many bibles and as I am not Catholic, just felt a little phony purchasing a rosary. I felt that was better left for one of the many many Catholic family members to gift. I immediately fell in love with Bestie's idea of the shoes for her "walk with God." That just felt so much more like me. It was my comfort zone and is the typical unexpected and full of color gift that I am known for giving. But like so many things in my life, these shoes come with a crazy shopping story!

So a week or two ago I set out to find a fun pair of baby shoes. To no avail. Macy's didn't have a single pair. Not one! Sears had like one pair but they were nothing special. We don't have a Bloomies or Nordstrom up here. Sad, I know! When I was in Macy's, there was a woman shopping near me holding several baby girl outfits. I asked her if she had any nice baby boutique ideas for me. She could only think of one but it turned out to be totally perfect. So thank you to the nice woman shopping in Macy's shoeless baby section for turning me on to Lollipops (website does not at all reflect how cute and fun the store is in person).

I walked in and immediately knew I loved this cute shop. It was full- like stuffed way too full actually- of the most adorable children's clothing and gifts. Totally my style. It was very nicely done though so the too-full-ness wasn't overwhelming. What was overwhelming was the mass of people in the store when I walked in. The shop is tiny but there were a good 6 or more people in there shopping and talking loudly. A cute sales girl spotted me and must have sensed that I was shocked to see so many people in there at one time. I asked to see shoes for girls under 1 year and she took me to the right spot. I immediately found the perfect pair - the first pair I picked up. I continued looking as (a woman I thought was) another saleswoman came over and was playing the stalking game with me. Just literally hovered over me no matter how many times I stepped back or sideways. Kept commenting about the two pairs of shoes I had in my hand (I found a second pair I loved and was trying to decide between them) regarding their size and stuff. I tried to just tune her out- I do not respond well to pushy sales people. Like I would have walked out but I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that day and I didn't really have any other baby boutique options that I could think of at the time.

Anyway, I meandered about the store because I love cute baby stuff. About 15 or 20 minutes after I walked in, the store emptied. All of the loud customers left together. Including my stalker pushy sales lady. Turns out she was not at all a sales person. She and her entire family had been in the store for at least a half hour before I walked in and were debating over all sorts of outfits and shoes. But as soon as I picked up my chosen pair of shoes, they decided that was the exact pair that they too wanted. And of course they were the only pair in the shop. Here I had been thinking that a pushy sales person was hovering over me but in reality it was a crazy lady who was trying to talk me out of buying them. I was of course oblivious to all of this- it was not clear until after they left and the cutie sales girl explained this to me. The lady and her family were so ticked that I took the shoes that they walked out without purchasing anything. I felt bad and apologize to the sales girl and she was all "oh don't be silly- they have been in here pulling the store apart for an hour and didn't want the shoes until you picked them up." Who knew a tiny pair of pink shoes could be surrounded with so much drama?!

But here they are... Not sure they were worth so much chaos but I do love them.

I made a bib, burpee and pair of socks to also include in the gift. And the card. Well if you are in the card making market, take note. I stood in three card stores reading every single baptism card and didn't buy any of them. They were all just waaaay too over the top gushy or religious or just ugly or I don't know. I strongly disliked all of them. And I know this was a religious event but I really prefer blank cards. Almost never buy cards with writing on the inside. I just really like to write my own note. I would much prefer to write my own quote or bible verse or message rather than one chosen by the random card maker. So instead, I decided that Glenda the Good Witch would do just fine. What little girl doesn't want that dress?!

It turned out to be the most amazing day- sunny and warm. I think it peaked at 71! I wish every day was a duplicate of Saturday! I wore flip flops for the first time in forever on my afternoon puppy walk- a very exciting moment!! We are back to cold and wet today- yesterday was such a teaser!


Well I Do Declare said...

Everything is adorable... especially the socks :)

Kate said...

Those shoes are adorable!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

Tag! You've been tagged to list 6 facts about yourself...for more info, go to!

Happy Monday!

Preppy Lizard said...

Adorable! I love that shoe idea and saying as a perfect!

Preppy Mama said...

What a great gift!! Love those shoes!!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

That is the funniest story. Glad you got those shoes. They are so precious! Your bib, etc were so cute, too!

Kate said...

So adorable! A personal gift will be so memorable for them!

Kate said...

So adorable! A personal gift will be so memorable for them!


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