Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Alive....

I promise I am alive. I have just been unexpectedly busy lately. Although with what I am not all that sure. I have done a few craft shows that have been unsuccessful. I don't know- I think this is just not my ideal area to be in. I never really feel like I fit in up here. Anyway, everyone seems to have nice things to say about my goodies when I do craft shows up here but they seem to prefer to buy the crap made out of pipe cleaners and google eyes at other booths instead. Not to knock the ladies making goods out of pipe cleaners and what not. But it does surprise me every time. Oh and my biggest "ugh!" moment comes at shows when EVERY STINKING TIME the vendors who have worked this particular show for many years in a row say things like, "it has never been this slow before at this show" or "last year you could hardly walk down the aisles because there were so many people." Um- that is just flat out annoying thank you very much!

One show that I did was OK but the best part were the little boys. They were there in their school uniforms to help me bring my stuff inside, they brought me lunch so that I didn't have to leave my booth, came to ask if they could get me a snack or soda and then helped me load my car at the end. It was rather cute and a very nice and appreciated touch! You are looking at pics from the last two shows that I did this fall.

I was also sick ....again! I had another bad case of bronchitis that had me in bed for a week. I never used to get sick. I mean, sure I had a sick day here and there like everyone else. But I have not been sick sick in like 10 years. And now twice in a few months.

Fall also has me busy with sorority stuff. I think I mentioned that I am the chapter advisor for my chapter up here and we just moved into a new (to us) house. And old fraternity house (the frat was kicked off campus for 10 years- naughty boys!) that was renovated this summer to accommodate cute sorority girls (because it was a frat boy pit before- ick!). While my girls love the new house, it has brought nothing but frustration to me and my team of advisors. I need to take pics of the house one of these days to show y'all the before and after shots. It looks great but when you look close you can see that our landlord (the fraternity) definitely skipped a few corners so to speak. Enter my frustrations. We are slowly but surely making sufficient headway though so I think things are up a slight upward swing.....I hope.

I leave in three weeks for my sorority little sister's wedding in Hawaii. My body is far from being bathing suit ready but I doubt that much will change in the coming weeks so this is the body that is going to Hawaii it seems. Oh well, no one is perfect. I am really excited to have some fun girly time in a beautiful location. I am also super duper excited about visiting my bestie for a few days after my Hawaiian vaca. We have a dozen things planned, including a joint open house (or trunk show depending on what you like to call it), watching the GA/Ga Tech game, and lunches and dinners with friends. So it is like a double vacation for me. Woo hoo!

This is a pie I couldn't resist buying at one craft show. Isn't it adorable!


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Kirsten! I am glad that you are doing well and it really blows about the craft shows! I think your stuff is way too cute, but maybe upstate NYians are blind!

Have you thought about selling in Etsy? I think you might do really well there.

Just a thought!

Missed you,
Cindy :0)

Buford Betty said...

So glad you're getting better, girl! I love all the show pics.

Midnight Madras said...

I think your stuff is too classy to appeal to the typical craft show crowd. Online stores are going to be your best bet. You can start with Etsy and Ebay and eventually create your own website. There is a niche out there for your products.


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