Thursday, July 19, 2007

Awesome Swap Surprise!

I just finished participating in my very first swap! I have drooled over blogs bragging about the fabulous creativeness that arrived in a box from swap partners all over the country for months now. I was in awe and wanted in. I wanted that fun box of surprises to arrive on my door step too. So I signed up for the Summer Orange and Yellow swap - I was a girl on a mission to be a swapper! OMG it did not disappoint this wanna-be-swapper! Cindy (who needs to create her own crafty blog one of these days) was an awesome swap buddy. She was beyond sweet to me -even sending me a link to a local Thrift shop to get me started.

That was the thing- one of the swap rules state that part of the gift must be thrifted. And it is not that I have anything against thrift shops- I just never go in them. I didn't even know of this particular thrift shop that I literally drive past 4 days (at least) each week on my way to regular stops like Target and such! I have so many shopping addictions and never really felt the need to add another one. And while I am far from needing a 12-step program, I have really had a ball learning to thrift. The bargains are endless for creative souls like me! But even knowing I would need to learn to thrift store hunt, I was excited to take on the challenge of putting together a present for a new pal.

Cindy spoiled me rotten! Her present arrived today (I will post my present to her after it arrives as to not spoil her surprise) and I was over the moon excited! She made me a hand bag (already planning to use it tomorrow), earrings (that I plan to wear next weekend at a wedding in DC), and an adorable flower pin. Her "container" is a small hat box decorated with my nickname in buttons and bathing suits all over the sides. How perfect and summer-ific! Also included is a set of stationary- I am a paper addict! I love the mini nail files and lip balms. I love love love lippy and can you see that they are preppy pink and green! Love that! But my hands down favorite treasure is the vintage apron. I have never mentioned to her or my blog buddies that I love to cook and love aprons- new and vintage and home made and everything in between. It is adorable and I actually had to take it off to take the picture because the moment I saw it I wrapped it around my waist (mind you it did not at all match my outfit but I was home alone so who cares....right?).

There are actually several similarities in our gifts to each other so I am crossing my fingers that she will love mine almost as I love her gift to me. I feel soooo lucky and am just in awe of her creative talent. Thanks Cindy!!!


Buford Betty said...

Oh what fun! I can't wait to see yours b/c I know it's fabu. :-)

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

How fun!

Unknown said...

What a great swap package! I remember seeing all the cool swap goodies that people posted on their blogs and knew I had to get in on the madness. Isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail? I'm so glad you had a good first-time swapping experience and hope you'll do more!


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