Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sixteen Candles

Today has been one of my most favorite days for a long, long time.  Sixteen years ago today, my sweet furbaby was born.  And I made sure that she got extra special treats each and every year.

I'm a mixture of happy, thinking about my best girl licking bowls of fresh whipped cream with all her sweet, wagging tail pals, and sad, thinking about how much I wish I could cuddle her again.

Whoever started the rumor that time heals all wounds can go to hell.  

I mean that.

Talk about some fake news right there.  Time heals nothing.  It just forces you to figure out a new normal.

But I am no less heartbroken.  I still cry.  A lot.  I still talk to my girl.  A lot.  I still miss her.  Daily.

Sadie is buried in the bed I bought her for her second birthday.  We had just moved to Capital Hill in DC and 8th Street was just starting to be revived.  An adorable little pet shop was opened and they made custom donut beds.  I had no money to spend on such a thing at that time but I bought one for Sadie anyway.  We stood there together picking out the fabric and she tested out the sizes.  

It turned out to be a great investment as it lasted her entire lifetime.  And she will sleep in that bed for the rest of time.  

In an odd way, that brings me joy.  I crave consistency in life.  And so did she.  

Today I will take our special walk in her honor.  I'll pet all the puppies I see along the way and smile.  It's exactly what we would be doing if she were still here.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my favorite little bunny!

XO Momma

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