Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bits and Bobs: Trader Joe's, Ace Hardware, Movies, and Podcasts

Every time I post a catch-up, brain dump, here's what you've missed, let me get all these little things down before I forever forget them post, I secretly swear to myself that it will be the last time.  That it will be my last scrambled egg, all over the place post.

And yet, here we are again.

I'm a human full of great intentions but just never get to them in a timely fashion.  So the end result is instead of daily, detailed, lovely posts, a jumble post that really only {barely} makes sense to me.

It is what it is.  This is just where I am these days.

So in no particular order, let's make some mems, shall we?

Trader Joe's.  I have a love/less-than-love relationship with ole TJ.  But the less-than-love is specific to my local Albany Trader Joe's.  It's not in a particularly convenient to me location.  And lawd knows, life is all about me.  But on top of that, even two years after arriving in the Capital Region and not selling wine {that was a shock to my system...there's barely a point if they can't sell wine in my opinion}, it's still a madhouse there every time I go.  The parking lot is very limited and involves a lot of circling around and flop sweating from the anxiety that comes as you wait for a person to get in their car and blissfully ignore the line of cars being blocked by me as I not so patiently await that spot.  It's an ordeal.
That said, I flipping love their products and think their prices are comparable to my average supermarket.  And if one was in a more convenient location, I'd definitely abandon my regular store for a weekly TJ shop.

I mentioned the scallion pancakes on my Insta Stories recently but these are also surprising little treasures.  A dozen little macarons {Do you say mac-a-rooooon or mac-a-ron?  Even though I have made both and know good and well the difference in both ingredients and spelling, I am a sloppy American and usually pronounce macaron and macaroon the same, heavy on the O.}.  These are smaller than what you might find in a bakery but they are also something you can keep in the freezer and were about $7 if I remember correctly.  The salted caramel and lemon were, as is always the case, my favorites.

Painting.  I am not big into watercolor paintings.  I much prefer really bold colors and sharp lines.  I mean, I only write with Sharpies.  Pink and kelly green are my neutrals.  I just have never been much for the muted colors.  But my dear, sweet, drives me nuts sometimes but I love him endlessly dad is really keen to learn how to paint with watercolors.  He's so artistic but has never really taken on watercolors.  So when I noticed my favorite local hardware shop offering a little intro class a few weeks ago, I signed us both us.

It was such a nice little group of new, local friends and a fun way to learn.  I love learning new art techniques!  I'm so glad I went and I love my little lemon person.  When I looked at this photo of the table after getting home, I giggled.  Talk about which one of these things is not like the other.  Everyone else painted some sort of lovely landscape/flower/tree situation.  I made a cartoon lemon.

That shading though...not bad for my very first time using watercolors....right?

The Purge.  I am in the zone.  I want the stuff gone.  I have been holding on to too much for too long and I just need it to go.  I have the most obscene amount of craft stuff.  Even after donating a trunk full of boxes two years ago, I still have so much craft stuff.  And so much fabric.

And baby clothes.  Over the past decade I've found a piece here and a piece there.  And kept them tucked away for when I became a mother.  But I recently realized that all those tiny little treasures do is remind me that I am not a mother.  Some days they make me feel like a failure, some days they make me feel unworthy, some days they make me sad that it never happened.  At some point those tucked away little pieces turned from a hope chest into a dark, emotional drain.

So I listed a few on eBay {which has proved to be the biggest pain in the ass, in case you were wondering, which you weren't, because you probably already assumed as much} and the rest went to the Salvation Army.  If you need cute baby clothes, heels that I wore once a decade ago before I stopped wearing heels because I hate wearing heels, or an extensive selection of often new craft supplies, check the Salvation Army, my friends.  That's where it's all residing {or heading soon}.  No more stuff.  Or maybe a lot less stuff.  I'm a crafter so I am sure I will always have the stuff.  But I want a lot less of it and so far, it feels so good!

Seeds.  I finally ordered them and got them started.  Later than ever before, for no real reason.  My head just wasn't in the game this year.  Winter puts me in a fog and I just took my sweet time getting the seeds started.  But they're germinating under the grow light now so all is right in the world.  It's nice to day dream about playing in the dirt again.  Y'all know how much being able to garden saves my sanity.  I am really white-knuckling it until it warms up after this unbelievably cold winter.

Love, Simon.  Have you seen this movie, yet?  I never ever ever tell people to see movies.  Mostly because I average 1-2 movies each year.  I am not a movie buff.  But this film was so sweet and brilliant and important.  If Wonder Woman and Black Panther have taught us anything, representation matters.  Big time.  Love, Simon is going to change lives.  I don't say that lightly.  It will open conversations and make kids feel less alone and remind people to be kind.  I laughed out loud a lot.  And cried.  It was such a great emotional journey.  If you haven't seen it...GO!

Finding Cleo.  I mentioned earlier today on Instagram that Finding Cleo is my newest podcast obsession.  I do not like scary stories or scary TV shows {we've established that I never go to movies} or even kiddie haunted houses.  But I often binge real life crime dramas and murder mystery podcasts.  So I mentioned loving this on Insta and asked for recommendations.  Um...possibly my best IG post ever.  Friends offered up such great suggestions.  I now have a long list of new to me listens.  So if you are on the hunt for new things in your ears, scroll through the comments on this post.  Crowdsourcing at it's best!

I hope everyone has made it through all of the March Nor'easters unscathed and that the sunshine is finding it's way to your area.  I've been able to take more of my beloved walks now that we've had days above 40.  I've lived here a long time but 40 is my line in the sand of it being comfortable to be outside vs hating life.  

What have you been up to lately?  Are you a gardener?  If so, have you already started your seeds?


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MCW said...

I'll have to check out Love Simon. I haven't seen it. I am about to purge too!!! Every time I move I get rid of a bunch of stuff. This time I will be getting rid of a bunch of home stuff...


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