Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Band's Visit, Brunch, Beach, Birthday, and My Best B's

Two weeks ago I headed back down to NYC to have a pre birthday weekend with two of my favorites, Hamilton and Eliza.  And those little cherubs once again managed to make every moment into a sweet memory!

While we all know how trains work and no one needs a play by play of me sitting in a seat, I will take a moment to point out that about one minute before my train pulled out of the station here in Albany, I got up to move my coat.  The conductor announced that it was a sold out train and we would need every seat.  I was being courteous to move my coat next to my bag in the overhead storage to save space.  And as I slid my coat to the side, my right index finger {just my most used body part) caught what I think was a metal seam.  I immediately knew I'd cut myself but it wasn't until a moment later when I pulled my hand down that I could see the flap of skin hanging off and the blood start to run.  

And run and run and run.

Ever prepared for mini emergencies, I found the tissues and band aid from my purse.  But I bled through three tissues.  And when I put the band aid on thinking the pressure would stop the blood...all I did was bleed through it.  

And I was in a LOT of pain.  

I managed to get the train's first aid kid, which like the train, was brand new.  Ask me how easy peasy it was to open plastic from every single box and then open boxes and then open band aids and y'all...I had blood running down my hand at this point.  

And I was in a LOT of pain.

I got new bandages on and stashed away extras because I knew I'd need to change them over the several hour ride.  I also asked Eliza to please bring me some Neosporin {which FYI is not included in train kits} and a new band aid.  {About an hour in, the bleeding stopped.  It hurt like hell...seriously one of the most painful things I've experienced...but no longer running.  Also I promise I guzzled water on the train.  And side note...the train was not sold out and no one ever sat next to me so the whole moving the coat business was pointless.}

We all met at Eliza's office, where she got me cleaned up, stashed my bag away, and off we went for drinks, snacks, and Broadway.  

The next time you are in New York City, don't waste time trying to get tickets to whatever you think is the hot.  Go see The Band's Visit.  Because when it's up for Tony Awards in June, you are going to want to be in the know!

It's nothing short of brilliant!

I laughed out loud a lot.  And cried.  And grinned ear to ear.  All the best possible emotions.  The Band's Visit is different and unexpected and absolutely beautiful!

Drinks and dinner at Bar Central and back to their bubble for bed.  

Saturday morning was lazy and lovely.  Coffee and bagels {my favorite food ever} with lox.  Quick showers and off we were on another train to the Island of Long.  My first visit to Long Island in more than 20 years to see Hamilton and Eliza's beautiful new beach pad in Long Beach.  The whole weekend was drippy and foggy but it was also warm and made for a perfect winter walk along the boardwalk.  I can't wait to see the landscape and town when it's colorful and chirping this summer.  While we were only there for a short visit, the town gave me familiar vibes.  Parts of it definitely reminded me of old Fort Lauderdale {North on A1A where the homes are a block or two from the beach}.  You know how excited I get when I can connect the imaginary dots in my mind!  I'm so happy to see my sweet friends so relaxed in their new home!

A late breakfast meant skipping lunch and three very hungry piggies who may or may not have ordered dinner 15 minutes before they would even open the kitchen.  Which lead to ordering all the things and eating all the things and enjoying all the things but definitely regretting it when we were rolling out the door before normal people even think about dinner.

The rest of the night included drinks with friends, Olympics, and baking the best Bourbon Pecan Pie I've ever had in my life!  {And we all know I've eaten a lot of pie in my lifetime}.  It was a complete collaboration between the three of us and the sweetest ending to the most relaxing day.

Eliza spoiled me once again with breakfast on Sunday with her famous Eliza Eggs {I don't think she calls them that...but I do...because she's the first person to ever make me fried eggs so for now and all of time I will always attribute them to her.} and bacon.  And eventually we were off for a bit of adventuring.  To see the amazing Ashley Longshore exhibit in Bergdorfs.  

I'm a big fan of pop art.  And just bright, cheerful, colorful art from living artists in general.  But to see her giant pieces in person was such a thrill.  Even if it meant feeling like hooker Julia in Pretty Woman as we maneuvered through snooty snobby, out of my league Bergdorfs.  

A casual walk turned romp in torrential downpour later, we were back in the bubble, drying off, squeezing in last laughs, and then I was off to the train once again.

Those weekends seem to take forever to get here and then fly by in a blink of an eye.  I never take enough photos or remember all of the things I want to discuss in person.  But I do my best to savor the sweet moments.

It's not lost on me how lucky I am to have friends who will give me their entire precious weekend.  And instead of doing some far cooler city girl activity, will bake a pie and watch the Olympics.  I'm a very lucky little squirrel.

Hamilton, Eliza, and the City made me feel so loved!  They are the most special people with the biggest hearts!

Here's to my 40th birthday!  And to the friends who love me!  And to more adventures in my new decade!

Your favorite 40-something!


MCW said...

Happy happy happy birthday sweet friend!!! xoxo

edgewood said...

Happy Birthday, I always enjoy your stories. The city give you new energy, it may be time for you to relocate part time out of the tundra.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Happy birthday! Slicing your finger open is not exactly celebratory, but the trip sounds great anyway. I lived in Albany for a few years, and that train ride to NYC is so fantastic. I always particularly liked the part near West Point. Such great views. Of course, I never seriously injured myself on the train. I should imagine that might distract you from the view. :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a great week-end - you got some great pictures! You DO NOT look 40 (at all!) - great that we have hooked up again! :) Joanne


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