Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Changing Things Up and Starting Fresh

New year, new garden plans.  On January 03, I officially started gardening.  Though, all I did was stick two sweet potatoes that I grew last year in jars of water.  It takes ages to get them to root and start growing slips, especially with our lack of sunlight.  I won't start anything else, or turn on the grow lights, until the beginning of March.  But it felt positive to see my first gardening task getting checked off the list.  I'm so ready to play in the sun and soil again!

Now for a bit of housekeeping.  

I have had a YouTube channel called Preppy Crocodile for years but I've never really done much with it.  I still haven't figured out how to use it as writing is really much more of my happy place.  But I decided that if I do use it more regularly, it will be in tandem with this blog.  So it will be more personal.  {If you don't yet follow me there, please do!}

I love doing DIY and cooking and craft projects.  I also love watching them on YouTube.  I feel like it's often a better platform for how-to tutorials than a blog.  So I started a second channel and anticipate this being the channel I use very regularly.  I don't yet want to commit to a set schedule but if you like DIY tutorials, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you'd pop over here and subscribe.  I've already posted two new DIY project tutorials that are super fun and easy.

Speaking of tutorials...  Let's talk about Instagram.  Specifically Insta Stories.  I flipping love Insta Stories!  I post there frequently.  I often do step by step recipes in stories.  And when they added the feature to save your stories on your profile page, I began saving the recipe stories there.  So if you want a recipe for my favorite Turkey Black Bean Soup or last night's Spinach Mushroom Quiche, pop over to my Instagram profile to see the saved stories.  

And finally, to really round out this all over the place post, I marched again last weekend.  Last year I took up marching and this year I vow to do more than march and make phone calls.  But participating in the second annual Women's March was a good start.  

I march here in Albany, because it's convenient and I also firmly believe that all politics are local.  I had the most amazing day because it was sunny, extremely positive, encouraging, and my dad came!  The turnouts were expected to be much lower this year but that just wasn't the case.  Thousands showed up!  Humans of all ages and genders and beliefs, and their dogs, as far as the eye could see.  I never regret marching and participating!

As was the case with the first Women's March, one of my signs went a bit viral.  {Not me personally...just the sign.}  Last year, my snowflake sign got picked by the AP and still today I see my hand and head and sign all over the Internet in articles about the March.  This year, my Voldemort/Hermione sign seems to have been a favorite because it's been popping up a bunch too.  Which endlessly amuses me!  I mean, the back of my head and glove covered hand are like, totes famous, y'all!  {giggles}

Oh I more thing...

Have you listened to the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman yet?  I saw the film on Christmas night and have been jamming to the soundtrack ever since then.  It's so great and positive.  If you are into musicals and upbeat music, I just can't recommend it enough.  

So how are you?  Did you march this past weekend?  Did you click over yet to subscribe to my new YouTube channel? a girl a favor!  I'll be forever grateful!


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Decision Made, Having the Plague, and New Year's Resolution!

I have so many things that I've been meaning to blog about but just haven't found either the time or the words.  So I think I am going to do a quick catch up now and just move forward.  I'm ready to fully be in 2018!

So in no particular order and mostly for my own memory bank, here are some bullet points...

In December, my dad was in the hospital.  Which came on the heels {literally the very next day} of another health scare.  Now to jump to the most important point, my dad is fine.  He's amazing and doing well.  But it terrified me and gave me a giant dose of reality.  

I've been struggling for years regarding where to live.  Should I stay here {by here I mean in the Northeast in general} near my dad or should I follow the other part of my heart that misses my home state of Florida?  I've been a deer in headlights not being able to make up my mind.

But sitting in that hospital room with my father made it a simple decision.  There's no way I could in good conscious move far away.  Not now.  It's always just been me and my dad against the world.  He'd never want to hold me back in life but I would never forgive myself if something happened and I lived far away.  The window to move, for now, is closed.  But every part of me is in complete peace about the decision.  It's the right move.  Or non move, as the case may be.

Christmas was a quiet one this year.  Just me and my dad.  Because family is complicated.  

We had a great day though with a sleep in, yummy breakfast, bottomless hot coffee, fresh snow, great gifts, an amazing dinner {see my Instagram story for the Squash Sage Lasagna}, and a movie.  If you haven't yet seen Greatest Showman...GO!  I never say this about movies but it was fantastic!  The music and costumes were phenomenal!  It was also very family friendly and something all ages can enjoy.  

The very next day, on Boxing Day, I headed down to meet Hamilton in Poughkeepsie for a romp about Rhinebeck.  We had the best time so be sure to catch this post to see all of our cute details.  I've fallen more in love with the central Hudson Valley over the past few years that I ever anticipated!

Unfortunately, like half of the state, I managed to catch the plague.  Or just a really bad cold.  Same same.  So while New Year's Day included the highlight of watching my Dawgs win the Rose Bowl, it also included me coughing up a lung and feeling poorly.  Womp womp.  Rough start to the year.  Also, the third first week of January in a row that I had a really bad cold.  

However, despite being pale and poorly, I have managed to get myself on my yoga mat every single day this year.  Sure, it's only the second week of January and nearly all of those sessions were some sort of I'm sick and coughing and need to be gentle yoga.  But I still got there.  So I'm giving myself a break and letting it count.  I plan on doing yoga every day this month, as I have done the past several years.  It's a good way to get me back in the groove of getting on my mat more often.

And finally, my New Year's Resolution.

I long ago stopped making specific resolutions because not only would I never accomplish them, I would forget what they even were by the end of the first month.  So as with last year, I have more manageable mini goals in mind that are more flexible.  Right now, my goal is to do yoga every day in January.  Which right off the bat had to morph into just getting on my mat because I really have been a pretty sick little lamb over here.  

Instead of a big resolution or a set of resolutions, for the past few years I've picked a sort of theme for myself.  One year was my #YearOfYes where I wanted to just say yes more and stop being so afraid all the time.  Last year was #KeepMovingForward because I wanted to just take the next tiny stop being so afraid all the time.  

You're sensing the theme of my life, right?

This year it's to #LeanIntoFear.  I heard Grace Helbig say that recently and it really resonated with me and had me ruminating over those words for days.  Lean into fear.  Which can mean different things in different situations.  But that's this year's goal.  Or resolution.  Or theme.  Or whatever you want to call it.  I'm going to lean into fear and see where it takes me.

So how are you?  How were your holidays?  Any awkward conversations about politics or life choices at the Christmas dinner table?  Any fun new prezzies under the tree?  Any bold new resolutions you're determined not to break?  I feel like I'm playing blog catch up and have missed a lot the past few weeks.  Give met the scoop!



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