Thursday, December 28, 2017

Romping About Rhinebeck and Finding My People

When bestie Hamilton found herself with a completely free Boxing Day, it barely took a full sentence to convince me to schedule another play day in the Hudson Valley.  She trained up from the city, I drove down from Troy, and we met in Poughkeepsie.  Ole Poughkips, as the kids say. {No kid ever has said that.}

Hamilton and I are college sorority buddies.  Who reconnected through the power {and nosey nature} of social media about a year and a half ago.  And started having little weekend adventures together just nine months ago.  

But it feels so much longer.  Probably because we've known each other since our college years.  But also because, when you find your people, regardless of when and how you meet, they just feel as if they have forever been a part of your heart and life.

Hamilton and her wife Eliza are definitely some of my tribe of best people.  So it was a no brainier that a mutual free day was the perfect opportunity to go on a mini adventure together.

If you recall our last visit to Poughkeepsie, we made a failed attempt at eating lunch in an old ice house turned restaurant, appropriately called, Ice House.  As that's still part of our inside giggles {ice houses specifically}, we decided that our only set in stone plan for the day was to try again.  Ice House deserved a second chance.

Despite The Google listing the hours as open, guess what was most definitely NOT open?  

Ice House was closed.  Round two, and likely our final round of trying to patronize this little joint, failed.  

A quick chat with our boyfriend The Google lead us to another option that was really delicious and gave us prime people watching and partial conversation eavse dropping.  So in the end, we won!

We still didn't really have a game plan for this day, though.  

We decided we would just head north to Rhinebeck and wander about there.  But as we drove, we passed the FDR Presidential Library and Home.  A quick left and we found ourselves admiring stone walls {me} and being forced into taking usies {Hamilton}.  We walked in and thought about taking the tour but the next one wasn't for an hour and a half and if you know anything about New York and New England this time of year, you are limited on daylight hours.  So we walked around on our own a bit and then headed north again.  

But not before me pulling over to take a photo of the FDR home.  Only to walk up to the door to read that "This is not the FDR home."  Classic.

A few miles up the road though, is the most spectacular Vanderbilt Mansion.  I've been twice and am insistent on taking Hamilton and Eliza.  Specifically in the summer and after the current restoration project is finished.  But we were there, so another left, past some more magical stone walls, over a charming wooden bridge, and we found ourselves walking around this incredible property.

I should note that this day was sunny and amazing.  However, it was also freezing.  I think the high was about 20 and in the shade, good grief it was COLD!  So a quick walk and a few usies later, we were back in the car to Rhinebeck.  We'll get back to see the house and gardens in full glory one summer day for sure!

Rhinebeck is another very old, very charming town.  The downtown area is so well done and there are about four blocks on really nice shops and restaurants that were so much fun to wander in and out of. We just had fun touching and commenting and giggling the day away in the pretty stores.  

Until we decided we were cold, had seen all we needed to see that day, and wondered if we might find a comfortable seat near a fireplace in the Beekman Arms Inn, the oldest consecutively operating inn in America.

We scored big time, my friends!  A super comfy couch, all to ourselves, right next to a giant fireplace.  Add in a delicious hot toddy, amazing people watching, all the best conversations about nothing and everything with one of my favorite humans, and it was definitely winning one of my best days.

The best thing about being with one of your people is that you don't have to second guess yourself.  Rambles are welcome.  Deep conversations and silly conversations and pointless conversations happen simultaneously.  Quiet moments and side busting belly laughs are all on the unwritten agenda.  And each moment is your favorite!

As is always the case, the day flew by and out of nowhere, it was dinner time.  This absent of any real plans day filled itself right up!

Now let's talk about Yelp reviews.  I don't know who is leaving them, especially in Rhinebeck, but the highest reviews were for burger joints and the closed falafel place.  None of the nicer places in downtown had very high reviews.  So we took a gamble with our option.

Based on menu, not Yelp score, we chose Liberty Public House.  And it was AMAZING!

I have no idea what those reviewers ate when they were there but they appetizers alone looked so great that we DIY-ed a tapas meal for ourselves.  Dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped up in smoky bacon, grilled octopus and polenta with the most delicious chickpea and tomato salad, grilled artichoke hearts with some sort of magical lemony aioli, and tuna tar tar.  We couldn't decide on a favorite.  Whatever was on my fork at that moment was my favorite because they were all incredibly creative and delicious!  

I highly recommend Liberty Public House in downtown Rhinebeck, NY!  It was charming, the service was great, and the food was fantastic!

The day without plans ended too soon.  Time speeds up when you just want it to stand still.  But it was such a perfectly relaxed day with one of my favorite people in an incredibly charming part of the New York Hudson Valley Region.

I can't wait to plan our next adventure, Hamilton!  Thank you, sweet squirrel, for being such a very dear friend!


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KatiePerk said...

This sounds like a lovely but chilly day! I love when you can pick right up with good friends despite the distance/frequency of your visits. Stay warm!!


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