Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Favorite Podcasts

I didn't really get elbow deep into podcasts until a bit over a year ago.  So I felt pretty late to that party.  

Sure, I would listen once in a blue moon.  But I always switched over to music instead.  I never really got into a series enough to listen to more than a few one off interviews.

But now I flip flop between music and podcasts pretty regularly.  And often prefer podcasts when I am in the garden or taking long walks.  It's fun to have variety in my ears.  Especially with so many awesome choices available these days.

When Tricia mentioned recently that she didn't even know where to find podcasts, I giggled.  Because y'all are missing out if you aren't using that feature on your phone.  It's a great way to pass the time on a long car ride or while working out.  

So for starters, look on your phone.  The app came with your iphone so you don't even need to download it.  It's purple and appropriately titled Podcasts.  

Did you find it?  {You can also listen in iTunes and Spotify.}

Now let's talk about the beauty of podcasts.  They can be anything.  From a recording of a concert to an interview to a scripted series.  Do you have a favorite celebrity or author?  Type their name in the search box and chances are good you'll find something.  A topic you're into like cooking or religion or politics or parenting or exercise or books or or or?  Type it in and poof you will be presented with options!

Here's a bonus of podcasts.  While they do use up storage space {so be sure to delete them after listening}, they don't require wifi once downloaded.  So you can listen on a plane or train or car ride that is without a wifi signal.  

Three of my recent favorite crime mystery series are Accused, Dirty John, and S-Town.  I highly recommend all three as they keep you intrigued and really into the stories of these long forgotten unsolved crimes.  And at this point, S-Town is part of pop culture so definitely give that a listen.  {Though I liked Dirty John better if asked to pick between the two.}

I am so into Queery and Nancy!  I've listened to every episode of both and can't recommend them enough.  They are different, but both center around LGBTQ topics.  Both should be listened to by everyone.  I can't say that enough.  They are so well done and are important to share so that we all stop living in our little uninformed bubbles.  Plus, I really like the hosts of both series.  

Nancy is short.  So if you like a quick 15-20 minute podcast listen, this is for you.  It's pretty light and easy to listen to {for the most part- there have been a few heavier episodes} and has done a great job of bring new ideas and topics to the front of my mind.  

Queery is long.  Episodes are about an hour in length and each interviews a single other human.  So you really get to hear some deeper and broader topics discussed between Cameron and her guest.  Lots of heartfelt moments and lots of laughs and lots of oh wow I never thought of that before moments.  It's thoughtful and introduces a great mix of discussions.  If asked to pick my current favorite podcast, I'd tell you without hesitation that it's Queery!

If you're looking for a bit of daily life and politics, This American Life and Pod Save America are for you. This American Life has been around for ages and is hosted by Ira Glass.  The topics covered are incredibly diverse from cars to stories of people and everything in between.  Pod Save America is hosted by four former President Obama aids and if you were a fan of Obama, you will love it.  

Now for the one I want to ask you about.  My Dad Wrote a Porno.  It's British and about a guy reading the terrible porno book that his dad wrote and self published.  The first few episodes were hilarious.  The son plus two hosts add in side busting commentary.  My question though is if anyone has listened past episode seven?  I was a little {lies...all lies...a LOT} disturbed by where the story went.  It's kind of {lies again...it's definitely} horrifying.  The commentary is so funny.  But I am not sure I can get past the porn's story line, even though the series is about mocking it.  So if you've listened, give me the skinny. Should I keep going or just abandon ship?

So what are your favorite podcasts right now?  Have you listened to any from my list?


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