Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide For Your Everyday Needs

I took some time to collect some must have, very affordable, holiday gift ideas.  Just a few every day items that are both practical and fun.  These are sure to check off all those hard to shop for gifts this season.

Like a tin can.

I kind you not.  You could open a can of crushed tomatoes {I'm looking at you, Mermaid} or you could head over to Tiffany & Co to pick up their Sterling Silver Tin Can for the low low price of $1000.  One thousand dollars.  

Where do you buy your balls of yarn?  Michaels for about $5 or Tiffany & Co for...wait for it...$9000.  Nine freaking thousand dollars.  American, not Monopoly, dollars.  Nine.  Nine thousand!

Have you ever shopped at Tiffany?  You know the complimentary cup of coffee they give you in a small paper cup, coated in their signature blue color?  Well you can also get one in bone china.  Comparatively though, this one is actually a total bargain.  

A pill box...so big enough for tiny pills...in the shape of a Chinese food take out container is less of a deal.  Though to be honest, I know people collect pill boxes so I suspect this one will be a big seller.  

But let me ask you, dear friends, where you store your band aids?  I slovenly store mine in the generic Target store box that they came in.  Gasp!  Proper ladies likely store their {store brand because let's be honest...how else are you going to afford this thing} band aids in sterling silver band aid boxes lined in Tiffany blue.  Oh how I wish I could one day be a proper lady!  

And my final gift suggestion is something we all need.  A rose gold bendy straw.  For $350.  Which better make your Diet Coke taste about $347 better than the plastic two cent variety!

So there you go.  Top tips for all you gift giving needs this season!  You're welcome!

Seriously though...I want to see a list of people who buy that tin can, bendy straw, and ball of yarn!  While I am of the belief that everyone has the right to spend their pennies as they so choose...no one needs a sterling silver tin can.  No one.  I'll take a blue paint pen and DIY that shit for you.  

Happy Holiday Season, friends!


Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I don't know that I can follow you anymore now that I know you keep your band aids in the box they came in! LOL!!

MCW said...

I will add that bendy straw to my list for Santa ;)

Flo said...

ROFL!!!!!! There will be some idiot that just has to have these items. A fool and his money...


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