Monday, November 27, 2017

An Attitude of Gratitude

My Thanksgiving week was low key and lovely.  And I'm so grateful that stress and drama were kept at bay.  I find this time of year to be rather gloomy and difficult, so when one of the holidays comes and goes without a fuss, I let out a big sigh of relief.

I'm not a Scrooge.  I don't hate the holidays.  I just never manage to really get into them.  To me, they feel like they are intended for other people.  People who have people.  Not me.  

Maybe one day I will feel invited to this whole holiday spirit thing.  But for now, I am just happy to glide through them unscathed.

The best news is that the weather was amazing!  Wednesday and Friday I spent 4-5 hours each day down in the garden.  I did it!  I managed to mulch in the whole thing, add new T posts for a new tomato row next year, move a few plants, and tidy it all away for winter.  And then on top of all of that, i planted 200 cloves of heirloom garlic, which should grow into 200 heads of garlic next year!  

I would like to squeeze in another half hour this week just to make sure everything is truly squared away.  But beyond that, the 2017 garden season is officially over for me!

Family is complicated.  So this year, dad and I opted to have our own tiny holiday together.  Free of stress and drama.  On my chosen schedule.  I watched the parade {which...don't hate here...but if that ever gets cancelled, I won't's just kind of a thing to have on as far as I am concerned}, the dog show {now that is something I can get into!}, cooked a giant meal, cleaned up, and we were able to see a 6:20 movie.  It's the perfect little Thanksgiving! 

But...did you know it's impossible to cook a small Thanksgiving meal?  It is.  But that's okay, because my personal favorite holiday is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Not because of the shopping, of which I did none.  But because it's Leftover Day.  All the joy and none of the work.  Yum!

Also, apple pie was always an acceptable breakfast in my house growing up.  It's mostly practically a health food.  

I did a bit of shopping and bopping about on Small Business Saturday.  My beloved city, Troy, NY, has an ever growing downtown shopping area with great stores and antique shops.  It was a delight to see how many people were at the Farmers Market and in all of the stores on Saturday.  As much as we all love Amazon and free shipping codes, I do believe that people love shopping small just as much.  

Sunday the weather turned cold, windy, and gloomy.  But my father asked me earlier in the week to go with him to my grandparents' and great grandparents' cemetery to bring out the Christmas wreath.  I hadn't been in years and had nothing else that was pressing so it was the perfect day to drive out to the country.  

This little old red barn is just in front of the entrance to the cemetery and I love it.  The wooden star is so sweet.  It's hard to see in this photo but there's a lovely creek that runs behind it, too.

I often post photos on Instagram of my walks in a beautiful historic cemetery in Troy.  Which is fully of towering monuments and mausoleums. The people who were buried there once upon a time were clearly from great means.  

This little cemetery though, is way out in the country.  It's humble and sweet.  With some really beautiful stone walls that make me swoon.

Every time we go, which admittedly is not very often, my father points out where a general and his horse are buried.  And every time he says this, I ask "a general of what war and why is his horse there?"  Dad has never given me an answer.  For all I know, the bit about the horse could be an urban tale from his childhood.  But...I hope it's true.  I like the idea that a man and his horse are in the middle of this rural spot.  Everything is better with a dash of quirk.  Even a cemetery.

Snow flurries started to come down as we were standing there talking about who was here and who was in the various other spots.  Apparently I'm related to a lot of the people here.  Which I find comforting and endearing.  

I've decided that a Thursday holiday is ideal.  I wish Christmas could move to a Thursday every year too.  Having Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to play really feels like the perfect amount of time.  Someone should look into that!

How was your holiday?  Did you head to a big family meal or host a big {or small} meal at home?  Regardless, I hope you were with people you love and went to town on the turkey and pie!



MCW said...

We had a huge family meal! There were about 40 of us maybe? Two 20 lb turkeys! I want your apple pie. Looks amazing.

Alayna said...

beautiful wreath. We make a Christmas pilgrimage to visit my in-laws graves and that's a nice idea. I also love the idea of an intimate Thanksgiving:)


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