Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ultimate Guide To Embracing Fall

I LOVE summer.  After approximately 74 months of winter...give or take...I embrace summer something fierce.  Every bead of sweat is met with me saying things like I'll never complain about being hot after being so cold and so gloomy for so long.  And I mean it!  I love the sunshine and long days and the sunshine and warm air and the sunshine and hours in the garden and the sunshine.  Also...I love the sunshine!

Fall is fine.  Sometimes even nice, though here in Upstate NY it is often wet and gloomy.  But overall, the season itself is fine.  My issue is that fall is the prelude to winter, winter, and then the season others call spring but up here is known as April winter.

So I offer up the ultimate guide to accepting the end of your beloved summer and the beginning of winter's mean fall.

Step #1:  Get yourself some freakishly warm fall weather.  In fact, get yourself some weather that is warmer than most of your not warm enough summer.  {I never promised anything in this guide was actually attainable}

Step #2:  Get yourself outside as much as possible because you know that this freakishly warm {thanks global warming} weather won't last forever.  Get up early and walk.  Garden at lunchtime.  Take longer than normal weekend walks through your town.  Eat dinner outside, even if that means you sit on your steps or a park bench.  

Step #3:  Post photos of your outside time at least once a day to Instagram.  To remember that you did in fact have outside time come winter.  But also...let's be honest...if you don't post it, did it really happen?  We'll never know because who is going to be willing to take such a chance?!

Step #4:  Make all kinds of bargains with Mother Nature {or whatever it is you believe in} to not have winter this year.  We've had a lot of lot with winter over the past several years.  It's good to just sit one out every now and then.  

Happy fall, my friends!  I hope your autumn has been as lovely and warm as mine has so far.  I hope that if the weather changed for you this week, as it did for me in Upstate NY, you were able to embrace it a little better because you got outside and soaked up every last ray of sunshine you could find this summer.

Cheers to a long fall and a not terrible winter {I'm a realist on this one}!


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MCW said...

Bring on fall and winter! Love them both :)


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