Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Day In The Hudson Valley: Walkway Over The Hudson

After touring the Hudson Valley Seed Company farm, that included touring the farm, buying new seeds, and having a picnic on the stunning property, my dad and I decided to take advantage over the beautiful day.  So we headed over to Poughkeepsie to enjoy their beautiful Walkway Over The Hudson.

If you've not familiar, they took a very old and inefficient bridge and closed it to trains and cars.  Poured a ton of funds into redoing the bridge, and now it's a breathtaking way to spend an hour.  You are able to walk over the Hudson River and enjoy incredible views.

I've actually been on the Walkway several times but my sweet father had never experienced the fun.  And it was a treat to see it through his eyes as my dad has a love of Upstate NY, rivers, and trains like no one I've ever met.  

He loved it!

We had the best day walking, eating ice cream, and enjoying all that the Hudson Valley has to offer!

Fun fact is that I will be back on the Walkway this month.  So stay tuned for a possible repeat post.  Which I'm all kinds of excited about!  Day trips are one of my favorite parts about living here in the Northeast!

Have you ever been to the Walkway Over the Hudson or to Poughkeepsie, NY?  What are your favorite things to do in that area?


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MCW said...

I've been on that bridge! My brother lives in Poughkipsee...that's where Marist is!


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