Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wearing White Jeans In Winter

I don't use an outhouse.  I no longer buy my music on cassette tapes.  And I don't feel obligated to follow some archaic fashion rule, created a century ago by a man {I assume} who also thought it should be unlawful for a woman to wear pants or work or vote.

I wear white after Labor Day.  I wear white in the middle of winter.  I wear white year-round.

Because I effing can.

Listen, it's a matter of personal preference.  If you feel your skin burning when you pull those cute white jeans up on September 12th, by all means, take those puppies off.  You do you, boo.

But don't tell me I am wrong for making what should be an unnoticed and non controversial fashion choice.

Snow is white.  Which makes white more of a winter color than a summer color, if you are a person who divides colors into seasons the same way you divide articles of clothing into genders.

But also, white looks great with black sweaters or cream sweaters or any color sweaters.  It's sharp and really sets off a top.  It's cheerful and cozy.  

And matches the snow...winter white snow.  

On top of that, I'm a South Florida girl.  Our seasons in So Fla are summer, summer, summer on the surface of the sun, and hurricane season.  White is always en vogue, all 365 days of the year.

I'm not saying one should wear white after Labor Day.  I'm just saying, give me a break when I wear white after Labor Day.  And I will give people a break when I see them wearing Uggs in July for reasons I shall never understand but am consciously trying to be less judgmental about because who knows, maybe people like sweaty feet, maybe that's a thing.  

What are your thoughts on wearing white outside of the summer months?  Do other countries follow this {in my opinion, silly} rule too?  Tundra Bestie tells me she's judging me and that I would be mocked in The South, even though of the two of us, I'm the one actually from there, so it's okay if you disagree.  I'm honestly you still keep to that color schedule?  Or is it more mainstream to wear what you want, when you want?


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