Friday, September 15, 2017

She Persisted: The Maddow Clinton Interview

Did you watch Rachel Maddow's interview last night with our role model Hillary Clinton?  If you haven't yet seen it, stop everything and do it now.

I mean it...go watch!

I was worried it would make me sad or cringe or feel some sort of negative feeling.  But it had the opposite effect on me.

I was inspired.

This woman has seen it all during her life-long tenure as a public servant.  She has dealt with every conceivable ideation of misogyny and sexism, straight through the 2016 election by our now monster dictator wannabe President, and still she rises.  She is honest and thoughtful while managing to be the most intelligent, articulate, pro-humanity, pro-equality person possible.

In a single word, Hillary Clinton is presidential.

I'm picking up her book today and plan to consume it over the next week.  Who else is reading it right now?  I'd love to compare notes when I finish!

I still have mornings when I wake up absolutely baffled that this horrible human can be in the White House.  How is it possible?

But that's not healthy.  So we learn to let go.  Some learn to let God.  And we all just figure out the best way to keep the hate to a minimum and the love to a maximum.

I've seen a lot of reports claiming that people on the left don't want to hear form Hillary Clinton.  But I'm not sure who votes in those polls because I think I need to hear from her.  I need to know that there is an ending that is hopeful, even if not the one we all hoped for.  I need to hear the voice of the woman who touched that glass ceiling not because she believes it is time for it to be broken, but because she believes it should have never existed in the first place.

Last night, watching Hillary Clinton reminded me that nothing is over.  Absolutely nothing.  This overwhelming feeling of fear is valid, but it doesn't have to be permanent.  There are opportunities at every level, often starting at a dinner table, to make positive changes.  Look how many times Hillary got knocked down in life only to get back up and try again.  She has persisted for her entire career.  So we can persist for a few more years.

We've got this, my friends.  We will make more signs and make more phone calls and show up to more meetings.  And we will get through this term.  And be better humans.  Or dead humans because 45 goes to war.  Fine line...unclear which ending we will get.  But I am going to start buying foam core in bulk because I am banking on needing a lot of rally posters in the next three years.

She persisted and so will we!


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MCW said...

I hate that people are telling her to "shut up," especially Dems. She was the FIRST woman to ever win a major parties nomination, she has spent her life in public service and is a smart ass cookie! We should be proud of her, not shun her.


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