Monday, September 18, 2017

Catching Up On Summer Fun

As is often the case with me, I'm behind in blog posts.  I have a few more summer memories that I need to get on here for posterity sake.  But I am also ready to blog about other things.

So my new game plan is to get all the summer stuff written up and posted in the next week.  Which is fitting as summer is coming to an end.  

And then I will move on with other chapters.

I'm only noting this because it's likely there will be one or more posts that jam in a whole bunch of random.  Like the good old blog post days when we just rambled on about our lives.

Thanks for hanging with me!  And sit tight because remember when I said I wanted to grow this blog up, I still mean it.  


Friday, September 15, 2017

She Persisted: The Maddow Clinton Interview

Did you watch Rachel Maddow's interview last night with our role model Hillary Clinton?  If you haven't yet seen it, stop everything and do it now.

I mean it...go watch!

I was worried it would make me sad or cringe or feel some sort of negative feeling.  But it had the opposite effect on me.

I was inspired.

This woman has seen it all during her life-long tenure as a public servant.  She has dealt with every conceivable ideation of misogyny and sexism, straight through the 2016 election by our now monster dictator wannabe President, and still she rises.  She is honest and thoughtful while managing to be the most intelligent, articulate, pro-humanity, pro-equality person possible.

In a single word, Hillary Clinton is presidential.

I'm picking up her book today and plan to consume it over the next week.  Who else is reading it right now?  I'd love to compare notes when I finish!

I still have mornings when I wake up absolutely baffled that this horrible human can be in the White House.  How is it possible?

But that's not healthy.  So we learn to let go.  Some learn to let God.  And we all just figure out the best way to keep the hate to a minimum and the love to a maximum.

I've seen a lot of reports claiming that people on the left don't want to hear form Hillary Clinton.  But I'm not sure who votes in those polls because I think I need to hear from her.  I need to know that there is an ending that is hopeful, even if not the one we all hoped for.  I need to hear the voice of the woman who touched that glass ceiling not because she believes it is time for it to be broken, but because she believes it should have never existed in the first place.

Last night, watching Hillary Clinton reminded me that nothing is over.  Absolutely nothing.  This overwhelming feeling of fear is valid, but it doesn't have to be permanent.  There are opportunities at every level, often starting at a dinner table, to make positive changes.  Look how many times Hillary got knocked down in life only to get back up and try again.  She has persisted for her entire career.  So we can persist for a few more years.

We've got this, my friends.  We will make more signs and make more phone calls and show up to more meetings.  And we will get through this term.  And be better humans.  Or dead humans because 45 goes to war.  Fine line...unclear which ending we will get.  But I am going to start buying foam core in bulk because I am banking on needing a lot of rally posters in the next three years.

She persisted and so will we!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wearing White Jeans In Winter

I don't use an outhouse.  I no longer buy my music on cassette tapes.  And I don't feel obligated to follow some archaic fashion rule, created a century ago by a man {I assume} who also thought it should be unlawful for a woman to wear pants or work or vote.

I wear white after Labor Day.  I wear white in the middle of winter.  I wear white year-round.

Because I effing can.

Listen, it's a matter of personal preference.  If you feel your skin burning when you pull those cute white jeans up on September 12th, by all means, take those puppies off.  You do you, boo.

But don't tell me I am wrong for making what should be an unnoticed and non controversial fashion choice.

Snow is white.  Which makes white more of a winter color than a summer color, if you are a person who divides colors into seasons the same way you divide articles of clothing into genders.

But also, white looks great with black sweaters or cream sweaters or any color sweaters.  It's sharp and really sets off a top.  It's cheerful and cozy.  

And matches the snow...winter white snow.  

On top of that, I'm a South Florida girl.  Our seasons in So Fla are summer, summer, summer on the surface of the sun, and hurricane season.  White is always en vogue, all 365 days of the year.

I'm not saying one should wear white after Labor Day.  I'm just saying, give me a break when I wear white after Labor Day.  And I will give people a break when I see them wearing Uggs in July for reasons I shall never understand but am consciously trying to be less judgmental about because who knows, maybe people like sweaty feet, maybe that's a thing.  

What are your thoughts on wearing white outside of the summer months?  Do other countries follow this {in my opinion, silly} rule too?  Tundra Bestie tells me she's judging me and that I would be mocked in The South, even though of the two of us, I'm the one actually from there, so it's okay if you disagree.  I'm honestly you still keep to that color schedule?  Or is it more mainstream to wear what you want, when you want?


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sailing the Seven Seas to Celebrate Hamilton and Eliza!

A few weeks ago, I hopped down to the city to play with Hamilton and Eliza.  Those cheeky little monkeys managed to take the entire month of August to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, and this weekend was the final toast.  I wasn't originally planning to go, but am so happy plans were changed.  It was a quick but perfect weekend.

Starting with my train ride.  My train was running late, so I changed my ticket, and ended up getting to Penn Station just a few minutes late.  But the kicker, that pleases me to no end, was having both seats to myself on the river side.

If you're unfamiliar with New York, the train from Upstate to Downstate and the city runs parallel to the Hudson River.  And on a nice day, it's a stunning view.  As long as you are on the river side.  It's a rather dull and boring view on the non river side.  Score one for Preppy for lounging on the river side!  I'm a total Gidget the Fidget on long rides {and by long, this ride is under three imagine how fun it was to sit next to me when I flew to Hawaii} so it was nice to not have someone next to me.  Little things, my friends.  Always the little things!

Also, I gave in and ordered bigger jeans.  I have been so stressed this year about not fitting into my clothing that it's actually making matters worse for me.  I'll talk more on this later but right now, let's all admire how much better I look in jeans that fit.  

Hello, Hamilton, you adorable little human!  This doll face and her wife are the most precious friends and gracious hostesses.  I'd be lost without a daily rapid fire text sesh with Hamilton!  And she'd be lost without me forcing her to take selfies.  We all win in the end!

These two spent an entire month celebrating their first wedding anniversary.  I personally think that sets the bar impossibly high for all future anniversaries.  But if you can't celebrate love on a few continents, what's the point?  Amiright?  There's always room for more love, more celebrations, more champagne, and in my most un humble opinion, more pie.  I really love pie.  But I digress...

All of their friends came out to take a little cruise on the Hudson River.  And holy smokes was it the most perfect day!  The weather showed up and showed off.  Sunshine, check.  Not too hot but not too cold, check.  Calm waters, check.  Blue skies, check.  Great company, check, check, check!

Happy first of many anniversaries, Hamilton and Eliza!

Hey girl, hey...keep standing...okay?  

I'm not sure I could ever live in this city.  I'd be lost without proximity to green space and my garden.  But goodness she looks stunning from the river!

After the cruise, the large group of friends moved the celebration from the dock to a bar down the way and eventually to the most magical little spot for dinner.  But what's strange is that I never stopped rocking.  I felt fine on the boat but when I got off, I felt like I was still on the boat.  

A few other people said they felt the same so I ignored it.  But I couldn't shake the rocking feeling.  I quickly abandoned alcohol and guzzled water all night.  I thought maybe I was just dehydrated or tired or something.  At dinner, rocking.  Back at their apartment, rocking.  Going to bed, rocking.  The next morning, rocking.  Two weeks later as I am typing this, I am still rocking!  

So here's what I've figured out so far.  Other motion replaces the rocking.  So when I am driving or walking or cooking dinner or in a train or gardening or anything else that creates motion in my body, I am fine.  But when I am still, I rock.  I'm getting used to it though so I guess that's good??  It's very strange and I am ready for this weird side effect to come to an end.  Enough with the rocking!

That said, it was the perfect day with amazing new friends!  And it all ended far too quickly the next morning.  Why does Sunday morning come so quickly on great weekends?

I'm so incredibly grateful to have these dear friends in my life and all of the new friends I met that weekend!  I'm still on a happy high from all the great conversations and giggles that bubbled up over those two days.  And I can't wait to do it all again in a few short weeks!



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