Friday, August 18, 2017

Passing Out Love

A few years ago, we started a new annual tradition while I am visiting my sisters and Godbabies in Florida.  We make lunches and share them with the ever-expanding homeless population.  

By no means are we under the impression that we are saving lives or solving the poverty problem in Florida.  But we believe that love and kindness, even if in small acts, are important.  Important for those in need to know that someone thought of them that day, important for us to feel connected with our community, and important to teach the kids that everyone is able to help in different ways.

When we first began doing this, the kids were much smaller.  So Bestie Florida would drive the car, kids buckled in car seats, and I would hope out to pass out lunches.  And it worked at the time.

But the kids are bigger now.  Which is awesome.  They're now able to participate and they enjoy it so much more.  We all do, actually.  

So the kids actually made all of the simple bagged lunches on their own.  They each took half and spread on the peanut butter and jelly.  It was sweet to see them concentrating on making a nice sandwich to give out!

Solid jelly skills!  {I'm a puddle missing these faces!}

As I assembled the lunches in brown bags {including a bottle of water, not shown here}, the kids sat down to draw little love notes to add into each one.  Because again, this wasn't about saving the world, rather letting people know they were thought about that day.  

Godson J's notes were an adorable little sweetheart that he drew and cut out.  This boy who will always be a baby to me, has the biggest heart!

I don't much care for religion for myself.  I see far more bad than good that comes from it and I am just not comfortable participating {congrats to Bestie Florida on picking a great Godmother for your children}.  But this and gardening and taking long drives in the country...those feel like church to me.  That's where and how I connect with the bigger picture.  Perhaps one day I will find that same connection within four walls and in front of a pulpit.  But for now, passing out lunches or clean socks or serving in a soup kitchen {side note, soup kitchens never actually serves least none of the kitchens I've served in} or meditating in the garden are how I find my calm within the crazy world.  

I wish I lived close enough to do this every week with my favorite people.  The entire experience was joy-filled on every level!


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