Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Just Ordered Bigger Jeans

I just ordered bigger jeans.  And it guts me that my gut is commanding such a presence in my life these days.

I'm by no means doing all that I could to aid this problems.  I absolutely admit this fact.  But I am also healthier, overall, than I have been in years.  Not just in calories consumed, but in exercise, time spent outside, relationships, and overall mental health.  While I do and will always struggle with these, especially the mental health aspect, I have more good days and good moments than not.  Plus, it's summer.  And I thrive in summer.

So why did I just have to buy fatter than fat pants?!

This week I decided to add in running to the mix.  I used to love running.  I don't love it these days.  And also, when I say I added in running this week, what I really mean is walking with a few sprints that nearly kill me.  The chances of this running kick lasting are slim, but stay tuned.  You never know.  Perhaps I'll learn to love it again.  

Part of my issue with running is not having a sports bra that I like.  I have to wear two mediocre at best sports bras to keep these big boobs in place and even then I don't feel like the job is being done properly.  In a world that is consumed with telling women they need to have bigger boobs and smaller waists to be of any value, it sure is difficult to find just one effing sports bra to make my big boobed self have a smaller waist through exercise.

All but one day of this month so far, I've done yoga.  And the day I didn't do it was a day I walked close to 12,000 steps and was just exhausted in the evenings.

I am trying.  I count calories, even on days when I know I went over the goal.  I track carbs and sugars {this one is new to me though and I've only been doing it for a few weeks}.  

I suspect some of this is an...gulp...age related issue.  I'm nearly 40 and I know that it's more difficult to lose weight for many women as the years tick on.  But that's not particularly comforting.

I'll keep experimenting with combinations of workouts.  And who know, maybe I'll decide to like running again.  

But until then...I bought bigger pants.  Begrudgingly.  


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MCW said...

Age def plays a part. So much harder now.

And get yourself a good sportsbra! I have gigantic boobs and with a good sports bra, running isn't an issue. Pick yourself up the Panache sports bra ASAP...


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