Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Troy Is Full Of Flowers. And Your City Is Too If You Just Take The TimeTo Look For Them.

Flowers in the suburbs are standard.  But flowers in an urban city are a treat!  They just feel extra special when you find them among all the hard surfaces of the city landscape.

But flowers are there, in every urban environment that I've ever experienced, if you just look hard enough.  Which usually means taking a walk off the beaten path.

In Troy, NY {as well as our across the Hudson neighbor of Albany, NY}, front yard spaces are hard to come by.  Most of the downtown city houses go from sidewalk to steps to front door.  Your typical East Coast city.  But a few special properties have a bit of front growing space.  And a few of those homeowners get their grow on, much to my delight!

The other night I found a cluster of hydrangeas in the shape of a sweetheart.  Y'all...if that's not the prettiest flower cluster, I just don't know what is!

I gave these bulbs to my father for Christmas, but neither of us can remember what the heck they are. They're so tall and have these spiky green leaves and spiky purple flowers.  They're weird.  So obviously I love them.  {Dad is sort of neutral on them but they're already in his yard so there they will remain.}

Even if you don't have yard space, you can likely find a container or two to grow a few flowers in.  Zinnias have become super popular up here over the past few years, which means every block has a few candy colored flowers popping out right now.  

I have no idea what variety of Lilly this is, and truth bubble here, I don't really like them.  But I think this pre-flower stage is a bit other world and wonderful.

And finally, something I planted.  From seed.  Stuck a single seed in the ground in a less than ideal area because it's what I had to work with and now she's getting ready to bloom.  My very first Teddy Bear Sunflower!

What's blooming where you live?  And if you live in an urban city, do you go on walks to find new-to-you sights and sounds, too?


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