Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Truth About Big Boobs

Hi, my name is KK and I have big boobs.  And a lot about this fact is annoying.

I didn't do anything to get my chest to this size.  Not that it matters, but I am just clarifying that the boobs are not this size by choice.  This is just how my body looks.  Nothing about my boobs feels much like a gift or benefit!

If I gain weight, that's the first place it goes {the second is my all around fun times}.  If I lose weight, it's the last place to leave.  Which is just the most unfair deal, really!

I went from no breasts to larger than normal breasts in junior high.  8th grade was the turning point.  I specifically remember running laps in PE, which was co-Ed at my school, and one day all the boys started commenting on my boobs bouncing around.  I was defitely wearing a bra but it was before I knew to wear a sports bra.  I can still feel myself running past the boys and hearing them snicker and gesture with their hands.  Junior high is the worst!  

That was the day I stopped running fast.  

In high school, I did a lot of musical theater and choir.  I very distinctly remember being fitted for a costume my junior year of high school and the woman fitting me kept yanking at my bra straps and complaining that they {my boobs} weren't high enough and could I please wear a bra that lifted them more.  

I couldn't.  They sit where they sit and are the size that they are.  

That was the day I first felt self-conscious about not only the size of my breasts but how low they sit on my chest.  I cried that night.  I was 16.

But it wasn't until I was in my college years that I would start to notice how big my breasts were.  Guys would comment at frat parties.  And I would pretend I didn't hear or pretend I didn't remember the next day.  Men would comment when I was out and about doing normal life things like walking or out to dinner.  

And then there's clothing.  Nothing fits girls with big boobs.  But also, nothing holds people back from commenting on how you look either.  Strangers are free flowing with comments about my chest.  From "nice rack" to "you should wear a bigger size". And everything in between.  

And you know how conservatively I dress.  In large part because I am so incredibly self conscious about my breasts.  I can't imagine the things that get said to women who are a bit braver with showing a bit more cleavage than me!

Clothing options are truly limited.  I either need to go up to a size so big that it tents on my body everywhere below the boobs, or I need to use my time tested system of more minimizing bras and safety pins and double shirts and double bras and scarves when it's warm outside and all around wizardry.  

What gets me is that every time I discuss this topic with women, there's always someone in the group who also relates.  

Which means I am not this big boobed freak show walking around town!

There are plenty of other women who also have to pay a medium size fortune to get the blandest beige bra made of industrial material with 97 hooks and no available matching panties and feel humiliated during the entire experience.  There are plenty of other women who cry in dressing rooms because they can't find work appropriate clothing that fits them across the chest.  There are plenty of other women who have never walked a dog without getting cat calls specifically geared towards their tatas.  There are plenty of other women who just want to buy the cute dresses and tops and bras but know that it's never going to be possible.

So...why are there not plenty of companies jumping on this big boob bandwagon?!

Why are bathing suits still geared towards A-B cups?  Show me the double digits!!  Why are button down tops still geared towards A-B cups even when they are in size Large?  Why do I need to decide how badly I want that new Lilly dress because wearing it means accepting a uniboob?  Show me the double digits!  Show me clothing that will fit my Double D cups.  Show me clothing that will fit cups even larger!  

I'm tired of making it work.  I'm tired of never leaving the house without safety pins for fear a flash mob can happen at any moment on my chest.  I'm tired of squeezing the girls into things.  I'm tired of beige bras.  {Well...that one bothers me the least to be honest.  But anyone who has ever seen my bras has commented on their lack of cuteness.  So it would certainly be nice to have something cuter in my drawer for fun.}

Big boobs deserve better than beige!


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MCW said...

I am with you! I'm a 32G. I can very rarely borrow friends clothes or order online. Nothing ever fits right. However...I show my suckers off! Not as much as I used to, but I am not afraid to show off my girls with tight and low cut shirts. If a guy comments on my big boobs I say "I drink milk. It does a body good." I just said that a few weeks ago in Sonoma. ha

Altough I was just actually thinking how much my bra strap was digging into to my shoulder today. The permanent indents on the shoulders are a nice look.

BTW - I love Freya bras. They tend not to have a million hooks and thick straps.


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