Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Man Who Has Been My Rock

No family is perfect.  Everyone knows that.  But I had a dad who found a way to be my father and mother and rock for all of my childhood.  He braided my hair and took me shopping for dresses and Cotillion gloves and sewed my Halloween costumes and was at every dance recital and church play.  My dad did his best and then did a little bit more.

My dad was my only consistent source of support and love.  He played all the roles in my life, even when it wasn't what either of us wanted.  

Mother's Day is a dreaded day for me.  But Father's Day...that's an entirely different story.  I'm all too pleased to give my dad a a card and hug and make him something delicious for dinner.

This year I did a casual summer meal of turkey burgers topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions and tomato jam, salad, and rosemary French fries {straight out of the freezer section thankyouverymuch}.  And pie.  Y'all know good and well by know that I gift in pie.  I love in pie.  Heck...I just flat out love pie.  And so does my dad.  So I used the very last bag of blueberries from last year and fresh rhubarb from my garden to make my favorite Bluebarb pie {I'm getting pretty good at doing lattice crusts!}. 

And every Father's Day needs a card.  How cute is this card with the boat shoes?!  Dad hasn't owned a pair in years but it's all he wore when I was little and living in Florida.  And the bumper sticker is already on his car.  He had to take off his beloved Hillary sticker to replace it because he didn't want to have too many stickers {he gave me the play by play story so I am giving it to you're welcome}. Which was hard.  But he loves this new one and it's more timely with the old and on with the new!

All in all we had a relaxing evening that ended with pie and fresh whipped cream.  Hard to go wrong with that!

** If Father's Day is one of pain and sadness for you, for any reason, please know I kept you on my heart and really did think about you.  I know these situations are often overlooked and I want you to know your feelings are real.  Really really real.  And valid.  And even though you might feel isolated, you are not alone.  So I am sending you a giant {but gentle} hug.  And the great news is that tomorrow is just plain ole Monday.  Xoxo

If you celebrated Father's Day, what did you do?  Something out and about or quiet at home?


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MCW said...

Love that your dad made your Halloween costumes. I have a feeling mine would have been from KMart if my dad was in charge when I was little. The pie looks amazing, but I do not like rhubarb. At all. But, I am trying to like it!


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