Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer Shirt Expires

This weekend has been fantastic, thanks in large part to the amazing weather we are finally experiencing!  I think summer is actually going to stick around this time and I am jumping for joy.  I just function better when it's sunny and warm and I can get outside.

So I was pretty pumped to finally wear the Lilly Pulitzer sleeveless top that I picked up months ago.  It just screams summer and I love it!

But when I took the tag off, I noticed that there was a second tag.  With a lengthy message.  All about how this shirt will self destruct {paraphrasing} in 10-20 hours.

What the flip is this?  Is this normal?  I own a LOT of Lilly but I admit that I don't own a lot of recent pieces.  But I've never seen a tag telling me the colors on a piece of clothing {the entire flipping reason I bought the piece of clothing, mind you} will fade after a certain number of hours.  What if I wear it inside or at night, will that extend the hours-to-fade situation?  And how faded are we talking?  Will this be a white top by September?

I really feel like they should make this clear PRIOR to purchase.  

Stay tuned kids, because you know full well that I am about to test out this hours-to-fade warning.  

Tell me though if this is on all Lilly pieces these days.  I haven't felt as connected to the brand in the past few years so I only pick up an occasional piece.  Are all Lilly Pulitzer pieces subject to fading away?



Unknown said...

It will not fade too badly, it will just be a tad less neon. All of the neon prints have had this warning for the past couple of years. It is still super cute though!

MCW said...

I don't buy a ton of Lilly, but find that pretty odd!


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