Thursday, June 8, 2017

June Is For Peonies

We've had little more than rain since the start of May.  And you'll note we are well into June.  But even with this spring monsoon season, the peonies have done their best to put on a show.  The fluffy, uniquely shaped petals draw me into each and every blossom I walk past.  They're dreamy!

Are we friends on Instagram?  If by chance we're not, let's change that.  Because I will grace you {read: fill your feed against your will} with endless photos of all the lovely flowers I stumble upon this year.  It's like all peonies, all the time.  

And I'm not mad about it!

What's your favorite spring or summer flower?  Mine is a tie between poppies, peonies, and whatever else is blooming at any given moment.  


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