Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Urban Community Garden Tour

For fun, I made a little video last week of my garden.  I thought it might help those interested to visualize the space I am working with.

The garden, an allotment or plot, in an urban community garden, has it's ups and downs.  But it gives me space to play in the dirt that I wouldn't otherwise have.  And after proving myself for a few years, I worked my way up from the smallest garden to the largest garden allotment.  Which is still tiny compared to all of the darling UK allotments I see on YouTube.  But we do the best with what we have, right?  And unless/until I find my way to a home with a proper big back yard, my little urban garden is where I find myself every possible sunny hour from now until November.

It's a short video and my first vlog style video.  I'll get better at it.  Like next time, I'll turn the camera around so it actually fills up the screen.  Learning curves!

But it gives you a better view of my space.  And also gives you a view of me without a lick of makeup on, not showered, sweating, and...wearing a tank top {a BIG deal for me...not something I do ever really...high fiving myself for working on some body confidence stuff lately}.  

Do I know how to sell something or what?!

I'll try to do these monthly so that you get a glimpse of the progress.  Things should really pick up next month {if it ever stops raining}. 


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