Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Is Such A Tease

Dear Spring,

You're such a tease.  Always.  You're famous up here for showing up and showing off and then leaving town.  It's your thing.  And you know that even though you're a flirt and a jerk, we will all fawn over you the next time you come back.

But this is ridiculous.  

I could be worse.  Winter could come back to town in your absence.  And that girl is a witch with a capital B.  

But things are pretty darn bleak lately without you're shimmery presence.  It's nothing but grey skies and rain and wind and cold temperatures.

So if I promise to stop calling you a tease, will you pretty please come back to town for a few months?  That's a fair deal, right?

Think about it. fast.  I'm tired of this depressing weather and chomping at the bit to play outside again.


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