Thursday, May 4, 2017

Soaking Up Spring And Smelling Flowers

Spring has had me out and about, even on days that are less than sunny.  I have a harder and harder time dealing with our long, grey, cold winters and am just chomping at the bit to get outside come March.  With unseasonably warm weather a few weeks ago, everything is showing off this year.

This Dogwood tree is on full display right now.  I love how each flower has just four little petals, that start out dark pink and end up pale pink once they are in full bloom.  Nature is flipping amazing!

Daffodils are, in my opinion, the happiest flowers.  They just smile!

Long walks in my favorite cemetery are on my agenda every weekend this time of year.  It's a great way to exercise, talk to nature, and give a little nod to lives once lived.

While I grow 99% of my garden from seeds that I start under a grow light on my dining room table, I always find myself picking up a few herb pots about now for good measure.  This year I am trying something new {to me} and planting my herbs in a few containers on my back deck.  For as comfortable as I am in a kitchen, I am not very skilled at using a wide range of herbs.  So I thought that by growing them mere feet from my little kitchen, I might have better odds of experimenting more with flavors and varieties.

Seriously can't get enough Dogwood photos this year.  I often walk past a white one that is showing off too.

And finally, my favorite secret garden in my city.  This was Sadie's favorite garden and the last place I took her on a walk in the evening of May 10, 2016.  I'm coming up on our one full year apart from each other date and well...I am also coming to this church garden to shed a little tear and remember how much she loved it.  She would have gently sniffed each flower if she was here.  

I hope spring has found you this year, too, wherever you might live!  Don't forget to stop and smell {or just admire like me} the flowers before they fade into the next season!


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