Friday, May 26, 2017

Showing Off The Show House

Last weekend I went to the Vanguard Designer Show House to benefit the Albany Symphony here in Albany, NY.  It's generally a large home that has been sitting on the market for too many years, so designers come in and each decorate a single room or space.  Ticket sales benefit a charity, nosey folks get to peek inside a large estate home, designers get exposure, and the homeowner get's to refresh their listing in hope of a sale.  Everyone gets a piece of the pie.  In theory.

This year though was particularly special. My favorite cousin was designing a room for the second year in a row, though this was her first solo design in the show house.  

And her room, in my not at all humble opinion, was hands down the best on the tour!  She's brilliant at what she does and deserves so much more credit than this blog post!  And I wish to bits I could show you how beautifully designed her guest bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closet were, but as soon as I took this single photo, I was firmly told that I could take no more.

Which...let me vent for a moment...makes zero sense.  All involved are trying to get business in some way, shape, or form.  Why in the day and age of instant and free PR, would you discourage it.  I feel like a group of sourly out of date committee members made such a poorly thought out rule.

And that's how I feel about that!

But I did manage to snap a few photos when no one was looking.  And took my own photo outside by the giant hydrangea bush.  

The home was in part built in the early 1800's.  When flooding threatened it in the 1950's, the entire interior was removed while an architect drew up plans to replicate the house.  Then the home was built new in the 50's in a new location {and different city} and the original interior was added.

Okay...truth bubble.  When we drove up, my father and I, knowing none of the above story, both said it looked like it was built in the 50's.  At very first sight, it was very obvious.  So while I completely commend the pain staking efforts to save the amazing interior, bricks just don't lie.  And if you are an old house fanatic like me, it felt strange.  

That said, I LOVED the original details such as fireplaces and woodwork and floors!  I've said it endlessly on here and in my lifetime but...I just love knowing lives have been lived before me and will be lived after me in old homes.  I think that's beautiful and comforting and exciting.

As much as I loved the experience, I will say every designer home I've ever been to has overlooked landscape design.  Every.  Single. One.  And I've been to many.'s a good thing this one is over because it unexpectedly turned into a critique instead of a review.  I loved my cousin's room.  I loved the master bathroom.  I loved the potential but sadly completely untouched outside space.  And I loved spending the afternoon peeking at creative ideas in a beautiful home!


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