Friday, May 12, 2017

Shopping For Summer Basics

Because I'm not happy with my body, I haven't been much of a shopper in years.  I've picked up items here and there as needed, but haven't don't an actual shop in ages.

Last year though, I realized my summer wardrobe was on it's last leg.  My refusal to buy new clothes to fit my current body shape {that has basically been the same for close to five it's not a new issue} has definitely caught up to me.

This is me.  This might be me now or it might be me forever.  I don't know how things will look a year or five years down the road. 

But I am this weight and this shape right now.  I'm long over due on accepting this fact.

It's time to pick up a few basic pieces to ease into refreshing my casual summer look.  Nothing drastic.  Nothing expensive.  But I just realized that I need to get rid of clothes that don't work.  Clothes that haven't fit in ages or look new but I never wear because I don't like the length or fit fine but I never wear because I don't feel good in it...gone.  

It's all part of my new mindset to stop letting stuff steal my joy.  

Listen, I think it's fine to keep a few hopeful pieces.  A favorite vintage Lilly dress will be in the back of my closet forever probably.  I like looking at it.  And I think it's fine to keep a few pieces that perhaps you only wear once in a blue moon to a formal event or skiing or other such occasions.  I'm not of the belief system that if you didn't wear it this year, you will never wear it again.  But no one needs storage totes full of mediocre shirts that have tags on them but you don't wear because your big boobs make them 2" shorter than you are comfortable wearing.  For example.  I'm not saying this is me. an example.  {Why are Polo brand polo shirts so short?  Why?  I love their fabric- it's the softest and thickest I can find.  But they are not long enough for my blessed chest and belly to all be tucked in.}

I've refreshed my wardrobe with the fine folks over at my favorite little boutique, New Army.  Or as the kids call it, Old Navy.  Either way, they have been my go to this season as I purge the storage totes of hopeless hopefuls and stock up on some new basics.

I did a quick little video on my first haul {because this has been a multi-round process} but thought I'd highlight my favorites from round two over here.  The shorts are my new favorite clothing item!  They have elastic waistbands and pockets...these are a few of my favorite things!  They're linen blend and incredibly comfortable!  The white ruffle sleeve top is also linen or linen-ish and really cute on.  

While I was on a roll, I also picked up these two items from Zulily.  Where I have had very mixed luck in the past, so this is kind of a gamble.  Stay tuned to see if I regret this purchase or not.  

I'm not really a t-shirt person.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that other than sorority t-shirts in college, this is the only printed shirt I've ever purchased.  I have a thing for lobsters though and thought it would be a good 4th of July/summer BBQ option without being over the top flag chic.  

What have you been picking up lately?  And please tell you have a box of hopeless hopeful clothing items too?  



MCW said...

I am with you. There are a few things I keep, but I do get rid of clothes every year, especially since I have been moving so much! The problem is I can't find anything I like to replace the old stuff!

MaggieMcCurdy said...

I'm giving you a BIG high 5!! I recently came to the realization that I need to stop holding on to average items that I never wear in the hopes that one day they'll look amazing on me! The new pieces you picked out look cute and functional!

Ruth said...

I am bad about the same thing. I picked up a few shirts yesterday at Talbots.


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