Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy 10th Blogiversary

Friends...a HUGE milestone passed without me realizing it a few days ago.  And I'm honestly really bummed I didn't make a big to-do over it or do an old fashioned give-away {that Molly would win because she's the only one still reading}.

I started blogging a short time after discovering what blogs were 10 years ago.  And for funsies, here's the story...

I did a Google search for something to do with monograms.  I honestly can't even remember what it was because a decade old Google search isn't the kind of thing one tends to remember forever.  But I found two blogs in the process: Monogram Momma and Grosgrain Garage.  I'm pretty sure I found MM first and then GG second.

Both sites confused me.  Was this a store?  Was it a website?  I didn't understand what I was looking at.

I had never before seen a blog.

But I became addicted and found a few others along the way who are also no longer blogging {Melissa Morris, Chloe, etc} and wanted to play in the sandbox, too.

It took me really long time to get the hang of blogging and my style has grown so much over the past decade.  In the beginning and for many years, I never showed photos of myself.  So for years I had this relationship with blog friends, even though I never posted my own face on here.  And then once I started posting photos of myself, it was really rare.  I also never used my full name.

Which baffled me when blog friends turned real life friends found me on my personal Facebook page.  But they did and those friendships grew.

Blogging grew too.  It went from being this secret little preppy corner with 20 women of all ages who liked Lilly Pulitzer and monograms to a huge industry.  Which was simultaneously fun and frustrating.  It was, for me, cool to see this hobby turn into a big business for so many friends.  But also frustrating that the entire landscape was altered for everyone.  Posts had to be curated and crafted instead of the diary style of years before.  It was hard to keep up.

And most of my blog friends gave up.  Moved on to greener {less stressful} pastures.  

I'm a writer at heart though so I've found myself reviving this blog many times over as the years and standards evolved.  And as I got older, I stopped trying to keep up.  I write for myself.  If others want to read, that's amazing.  If not, this is here for my memories.

I do really miss the camaraderie that existed in those first few years though.  The days when we all read each other's posts and left kind comments.  It was such a sweet little community once upon a time.

Thankfully, most of us have found our way to Instagram and we keep up on the daily happenings over there.  But to the pearl wearing, monogram loving, Lilly bargain hunting ladies who have been here for the past decade, I toast you!  Cheers to what's next!  Cheers to the next decade of sharing our lives!



Kathleen said...

Happy anniversary!

cancersucks said...

Ten years?! Congrats! I still read and love your blog ❤️

MCW said...

LOL! I think it's more then just me still reading. I loved the way blogging used to be and love reading the blogs that are still that way. Can't stand all of the blogs that are just trying to make money. I didn't make it 10 years, but made amazing friends through blogging.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I Love this and I have always loved your blog. And I do miss the old ones and how many of us who met through them. But for sure MCW wins. She is sooo good at commenting oxo

R's Rue said...


Ruth said...

Congrats on 10 years. I have gotten bad about reading more than once a month or even posting on mine.


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