Sunday, May 28, 2017

Garden Update: Spring Flowers and May Showers

Spring has been all over the place this year.  In the 90's one day and in the 50's with rain the next day. My plans and allergies can't keep it all straight.

That said, a lot has happened.  

Flowers are blooming!  

I'm not sure if it's because this winter was a hard one for me or if it's because I'm getting older or if there are other factors at play but I have just never seen such stunning situation of color in all the flowers before this spring.  I think the early heat wave helped matters and just brought out the best in so many spring flowers!

As far as my community garden plot, things are growing.  But as is the case every single year, I am battling lots of pests.  This year the potato bugs {which have in past years decimated my tomatillos and ground cherries} are out in full force.  And in a turn of events, so are the flea beetles.  Normally the flea beetles only attack eggplants.  But they seem to be all over my potatoes at the moment.

And then that brings me to the slugs.  Because of the way I mulch {newspaper covered in straw}, it creates a safe space for slugs and snails to live.  The benefits of my mulching system far outweigh the damage though as I have almost zero weeds to contend with and it does an amazing job of keeping the moisture in the soil.  It's just something I have learned to plan for.  So when I start my seeds in March, I do so knowing I will need at least double to be able to re-plant seedlings in the spring.  

I need to figure out some sort of netting over the strawberries to keep the birds away this year.  I am bound and determined to get more berries than the birds this year!

I know the garden looks rather brown at the moment as it is all covered in straw.  But give it another month and it will be full of plants in various stages of growing.  I've also planted a lot more zinnia seeds this year so I'm hoping the front fence line is a flower rainbow!

My tomato plants went in about a week ago and are doing okay.  They take a lot longer to acclimate in the garden than they do when I plant them at home.  Unfortunately, I only have space for a few at home so the garden needs to be the keeper of most of my plants.  

I'm excited for the potential of a great season!  I'm ready to see things growing and blossoming and fruiting in the coming months!

Do you have a garden this year- even if just a few pots on a back patio? What's your favorite thing to grow?  


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