Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week In Review: All The Little Things

Week in review is a lie.  It's weeks.  Plural.  Several weeks that I am throwing into one post so I have it down for posterity.

Spring sprang sprung!  We found sunshine and longer days and all was right in the world again.  I am just a different {better} person on sunny days.  Being able to take a long walk in the evenings again has been a game changer.

Speaking of long walks, the beautiful weather this past month has meant I'm able to get back to my favorite walking/running/but let's get real it's really walking spots on the weekends.  People who don't get my love of old cemeteries must find my Instagram feed so morbid.  But I just see beauty when I look at this old buildings.

All of my seeds have been started.  Tomatoes were the last thing to start because even though they seem small now, once they get growing next month, they take off.  So I purposefully started them even later this year.  I decided on 17 varieties.  That's not at all excessive...right?!  

Don't answer that!

Every single day I comment to anyone in earshot how pretty the blue sky is.  After months of cold and grey, it feels so novel and exciting.  Can't stop, won't stop!

She's here.  Spring.  Her first gift every year is the crocus.  This was the first little bundle I found a week or so ago.  

And a few minutes later I spied these lovely grape hyacinth. 

If you noticed a few posts back, my Sadie's 15th birthday was the 11th of April.  It was our first birthday apart, me here a mess of tears and her in Heaven.  

I'd love to tell you that the day wasn't a big deal, but we both know that's not true.  I struggled a lot for a few days leading up to it and cried a good bit that day.  I went out to see her spot in the morning for a hot minute and brought her a few new painted stones.  I also brought a few of the weathered stones home to refresh and bring back.  It gives me something to focus on.  We all need a way to deal with grief and painting stones {as well as walking and yoga and blogging my feels} has been my outlet.  

It was the most beautiful day out on the farm, visiting Sadie's spot.  She would have loved everything about that day!  Especially my Sadie walk that evening to all of her favorite spots.  

Our one year apart is coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it.  

Thankfully I have been able to get into the garden a lot this past week as the weather has felt like July around here.  I planted peas, pole beans, bush beans, carrots, and potatoes Easter week and weekend, which is at least a month earlier than I have ever managed to plant before.  I know we will get more cold weather as it's still just April.  I've seen snow in April before so I'm not that foolish.  But being able to get those seeds germinating this early is exciting and I feel like I have a really great chance of a successful growing season!

The other day I went to grab those bricks below and something moved.  I screamed as my gut reaction when I saw the snake!

But then I collected myself, grabbed my phone, and sat down and just watched that snake, who was clearly more scared of me.  Snakes are actually a garden friend as they eat pests such as mice.  So as long as we don't have to touch each other {we've had a few incidents in past years}, I welcome the visit.  

He wouldn't leave until I backed up behind him.  Or her.  I don't want to impose a gender on the little friend.  Anyway, they were really cool to watch after I got myself together.  And I was finally able to move those ugly bricks out of the way to plant zinnia and sunflower seeds, too!

This little secret church garden was Sadie's favorite.  We came in here on her very last walk and took photos together.  You'll never convince me that these flowers are for anyone other than her!

Ruby the Rhubarb plant is coming back strong.  She is in the most inconvenient location because I inherited her when I moved to this garden plot a few years ago and poorly planned the site not realizing how large and in charge she gets.  But that's okay.  I'm happy to work around her.  She's impressive and delicious!  Even if I trip over her 43 times each week.

My Easter had a few highlights this year.  The gorgeous weather, being able to garden, having one of those hams, and trying purple asparagus for the first time.

They're delicious and taste just like green shoots.  And they also kind of turn green when cooked so I might eat them raw next time I see them in the store {though this was the first time I had even seen them in this local stores so who knows when a next time might be...remember that I live in the North Pole}.  But they were fun and a lovely addition to ham and potatoes.

Oh and the simple but sweet ending to the loveliest Easter weekend was my egg custard pie topped with blueberry compote using blueberries I picked in Vermont last summer and fresh whipped cream.  

Overall, the last few weeks have been pretty good.  Sure, I had some emotional days thinking about Sadie.  But that's just my reality.  It comes and goes and I do a pretty good job of finding a way to work it into my life.  Beyond that though, things have been nice.  I've had some fun nights out and fun nights in and silly conversations and I've been rocking my yoga mat lately.  Life feels upbeat.  

How are you?  How was your Easter/Passover week?  Have you been on any dates or played in the garden or had any great deserts lately?


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MCW said...

Well, you know I've had dates, but no garden playing! My thumb is brown. Or black. Is there even a way to tell the gender of a snake???


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