Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring In The City

This has by far been the most amazing spring I can ever remember.  And while that probably means the ice caps are melting and polar bears will be extinct soon, at the moment, I am an incredibly selfish human who struggles to keep the cuckoo in the clock during the dark, cold winters.  I am swooning over the warm days and cool nights.

I've been able to take my long Sadie walks most nights, go for walks and hikes {really just walks in the woods...please don't get the impression I am scaling some's me we're talking about here} to soak up sunshine and nature on weekends, play in the garden, and exhale again.  Add in a healthy amount of yoga and I am in my happy bubble again.

I've been able to plant seeds earlier this year than any previous year.  I have high hopes that last year's bean bust will be well made up for this year as I have already planted sugar snap peas, sweet peas, snow peas, wax beans, green beans, and a few other varieties.  

The funny thing about this unseasonably warm spring is that it's still too early to trust the weather to plant most things.  Because sure, it's nice now.  But the weather has a way of throwing curve balls and giving us late season frosts.  So while it feels like summer and feels like I should be able to plant all the seedlings taking over my dining room table, it's still too early.  So when I go to the garden, most of the time it's just to stare at straw beds and imagine what they will look like in two months.  

In the mean time, I'm taking in all the colors showing off around town.

This spring has been exceptionally bright and cheerful!

What's spring been like where you live this year?  


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