Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Science Not Silence

I went to my first march in January, my second in February, and on Saturday, I went to my third.  I marched for Science and it was fantastic!

An entire political party pretending they don't believe in science reminds me of a petulant toddler throwing a tantrum over not wanting the red lolly pop that they insisted on having.  We all believe in science.  We all go to doctors and use smart phones and drive safe cars and color our hair and wear sunscreen and take headache medicine and brush our teeth...and and and.  Science is in everything and pretending it's not is nothing short of absurd.

We all believe in science and it's crazy that millions of people around the globe have to march to say as much.  Science is real.  Climate change is real.  Research saves lives.  

But back to the March...

I had a great time!  People are always so kind and friendly at these events.  They're cheerful and family oriented, offering a very welcoming vibe.  This one was particularly calm, because scientists.  

First I have to brag that I managed to find the world's most impressive parking spot!  I was running late {as always} and knew parking would be a bear.  I was driving past the rally, knowing I would have to drive around a while to find parking.  But just then, two women walked to their car, literally across the street from the rally, got in, and left.  As I was backing in, a jerk in a red truck tried to swipe it from me. But I prevailed and got myself a piece of prime parking.  And have not stopped bragging about it because that just never happens to me.

Above was my favorite sign from the day.  I had wanted to make mine on black cardboard but was too lazy to go to the store to get it when I already had white foam core at home.  I really loved the way the silver popped on the black.

Below are my signs.  Most people only make a sign on one side of cardboard but because people are both in front of you and behind you, I think that's a total missed opportunity.  Or maybe that's just because I struggle to narrow down which two signs I want to make.  

I get a lot out of marching.  And our country has gained a lot from these marches too.  Progress begins on the streets.  Always.  Not in a politician's office.  That's where things get signed.  But progress begins step by step in homes and streets and with individual voices.  It's such a positive and uplifting vibe that really boosts morale to know you're not alone.  Here's hoping there are some marches planned in the upcoming {warm} months!


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MCW said...

I love your signs! So glad you were able to make it to the march. I missed the one in DC!


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