Thursday, April 13, 2017

Art Show: Hudson Valley Seed Company Seed Packets

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Hudson Valley Seed Company {formerly Hudson Valley Seed Library}.  I've talked about them a lot on this blog, including telling you all about my visit to the seed farm last summer.  I also made a video swooning over new seeds I'm using this year.  I've been using their seeds for years and have nothing but good things to say about the entire company.

While touring the farm last summer and talking to the owner, Ken, I mentioned that I live in Troy.  He told me that they do a spring art show of the new art packs for the year, in downtown Troy.  I made a mental note to look for it this spring and popped over on the opening night.

The 12 new art packs for the year were featured with the art, created using a variety of mediums, the final art seed pack, and a description of how it came to be.  

Not only are the art packs unique in that they are such stunning covers for a simple pack of seeds, but they seek artists from a wide variety of backgrounds to submit work in consideration of the project.  Not just graphic designers.  Hudson Valley Seed Company purposefully seeks artists from all backgrounds and using all mediums.  Once chosen, they give the artist a story behind the seed they have been commissioned to bring to life.  The story might be about the seed itself, the food it produces, the land from which it originates, the way in which the unique seed variety came to the company, etc.  The artist takes this story and runs with it.  

Last summer I had the joy of getting to view this quilt up close and personal as we were talking inside the Hudson Valley Seed Company office.  Ken brought it out, told us the story, and let us linger around to view it up close.  These photos do not do it justice as it is stunning in person.  The colors are incredibly rich and lively.  

Do you see the skull?  Look closely!

I will be planting out these lettuce seeds this weekend.  I'm so excited to get growing!

I love this one because the Husky looks a bit like my Sadie girl.  Who never tasted watermelon but loved a bit of cantaloupe in the summer time with her momma.

This photo does not do these colors justice.  It's the art for kale.  Have you ever seen kale so stunning?!

In person this was really fun to look at as it's a painted tile.  And the paint all has metallic in it so it shines and shimmers in the light.  It amazes me that they can take the art from a quilt or tile or paper cutting and turn it into the wrap around packaging.  

Hands down my favorite.  Partially because it's kelly green, my favorite color.  And partially because it's remarkable in person.  It's a paper cutting.  The artist took a knife and cut out the relief parts from a white piece of paper and backed it on the green paper.  That's all been cut by hand and it's just amazingly detailed in person.  

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Friday evening.  The exhibit is open the rest of the month so if you are in the area, perhaps for the Farmer's Market on Saturday, be sure to pop in.  It's exactly the inspiration we all need as we start this next garden season!


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