Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Dose Of Adorable: Toddlers and TeePees

When my baby bestie H turned two, I made him this teepee for his birthday.  It was a labor of love, taking so much more work than I ever imagined.  And while I would change a few things if I ever made one again, I'm still really pleased with how well it turned out.

Last weekend while I was hanging out with my best boy and trying to convince him it was quiet time, he got out the teepee.  How could I possibly say no to a little KK and H play time?!

Right after these photos were taken I got in there with him.  I was tying the ribbons that I sewed on the inside to keep the legs in place and he got behind me and just gave me hugs.  My bucket got filled right to the top with sugar that night.  

I love kids of all ages.  But I've said it countless times that ages 3-7 are the sweet spot years in my heart.  And four year old baby bestie H is no exception!  A funny little love bug who knows how to melt his Auntie KK with a single hug.


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