Thursday, March 9, 2017

Things You Should See And Read Today

I'm on day three of a stomach thing.  I won't say more because you and I both know it's simply not necessary to say more.  It doesn't matter how mild or severe my issue is, as we have all had the full range of stomach things and are well versed on the universal understanding nod of sympathy.

Moving on.

Here are some things, none of which do I believe you will find truly controversial or partisan, that I read or saw this week that I think you should read or see too.  I enjoy posts like these on other blogs because they get me out of my routine and often point me in the direction of something new-to-me.  So here you go.  A few things I think were done well.

Did you know that the Underground Railroad is back in the United States?  I suspected it, but this piece was so eye opening and enlightening.  I'd love to know your thoughts on this one after you read it.  Truly fascinating and heartbreaking.

John Green did a really interesting {and short} video on one refugee and the moment his family was allowed to join him in the US.  It's a quick watch, not political, and interesting to have a face and story to go with such a big current events topic.

A stunning rock formation on the coast of Malta, Azure Window, broke off and fell into the ocean this week.  Forever gone.  I was thinking about this after Hamilton told me about it {her wife is Maltese}.  We all know about lost cities or extinct animals on various continents.  We have learned about these places and faces since early childhood.  But they seem so removed from daily life.  It's bizarre to realize that things like what happened in Malta are happening in our lifetimes.  That this planet is constantly changing, right in front of our eyes.  Just as it has done for millions of years.  

Have you listened to Ed Sheeran's new album Divide yet?  If not, you must.  It's brilliant!  I've lost myself over Supermarket Flowers more than once.  Bibia Be Ye Ye and Castle On A Hill are my other favorites.  Tell me what you like best!  

So that's what's filled up my down moments the past few days.  What have you read or watched or listened to that really got your wheels churning lately?  Please share!


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