Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snowstorm Stella

Two days before Snowstorm Stella arrived, we were expecting close to 6" of snowfall in my area.  Then every 12 hours, the weather report would double.  Then we got blizzard warnings.  And every single weather reporter profusely used the word crippling on a loop.

Truth bubble, I actually got a tiny bit nervous for the first time ever about a snow storm.  I've never lost power due to a storm {aside from the occasional few minutes here and there} but the way they built this storm up, I was concerned this would be the time.  And a night without power would be COLD.

The good news is that we never lost power in my area.  The less than good news is that we got 21" of snow.  Twenty one inches.  We went from zero snowflakes on the ground because it was 60 degrees two weeks ago, to 21" of snow, all in a 24 hour period.  

Let me take a stab at eloquently explaining what 21" feels like...


21" of snow just feels like a lot of a lot.  A lot of cold.  A lot of work to get out the door, shovel a path to your car, shovel your car out, then ruin that effort by shoveling {not brushing at this point} the 21" off your car into the cleared path, shoveling the path again, shoveling behind your car where the show plow block you in, shoveling the path again because in the time it took you to do that, it snowed another 2", and feeling like stripping off your now wet, snowy, sweaty clothes might just require too much energy.  A lot of boredom.  I cooked and baked and cleaned and sewed and texted everyone I know and did some work and did some yoga and watched 467 weather reports and checked Instagram 78990965 times.  

Stuffed Pepper Casserole and Brown Sugar Egg Custard {because I was out of white sugar} Pie with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream for the win.  I also baked up banana bread.  But don't worry, I shared with my dad and my upstairs neighbors.  

A lot of people had it far worse.  And it is technically, for a few more days, winter.  So we shall survive.  

Just to be clear though, I'm feeling like my Florida girl self made some poor life choices when she moved up here to the North Pole.  Here's hoping we see signs of spring, or at least snow melt, soon!


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MCW said...

We didn't get nearly that much! But, everything is currently a sheet of ice. Walking a dog who pulls and who doesn't like to poop unless there is grass is really fun.


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