Monday, March 6, 2017

Shorter Hair, Fun Fabrics, Bathroom Walls, And Realizing I Am In A MuchBetter Place This Year

First things first, I got my hair cut.  Finally.  It was looking rather sister wife-ish and ain't nobody got time for that nonsense.  I know my roots are showing...they are being updated in two days.  This is what happens when you decide last minute you NEED your hair cut today or you will melt away to nothing because you just can't possible go on another minute without it cut.  So the color will be magically refreshed mid week.

But the cut is cute.  I think.  I have a cycle of emotions when it comes to haircuts.  I am fine with it the first day.  Like it the second.  Hate it for a week afterward.  And then am fine with it again.  


So today, Friday, and Saturday are sort of a bit emotional for me.  No need to rehash details {well...Saturday is the 11th...and that's always just emotional because Sadie died on the 11th and it's sort of my month marker of her passing} but I just want to make a note for myself that these dates are passing by me.  

A full year has come and gone and I've been on a giant and horrible emotional roller coaster ride.  But I am different now.  Not all good.  I second guess things more now.  I trust less now. But emotionally today, I am leaps and bounds above what I was a year ago.  

This day last year I was a shell of myself.  I felt like nothing.  And today, I'm fresh from the salon with bouncy hair and a big smile.  I've fought like mad to get to this place.  And I am well aware that I have more progress to make.  But it's astounding to look back at the past 365 days and know I've come so far!


Yesterday I went to the fabric store for one item and it a fun turn of events, I walked out with only that one item!  This never happens, y'all!  

But as I was touching all the fun fabrics, I started to think about fabric shopping 15 years ago when I began sewing regularly.  I would have to wander to the ends of the earth or order online without seeing a true representation of colors to find unique fabric designs.  The fabric stores were so limited.  

But now there are so many options, even in a Joann's Fabric store.  All of the once hard to find designs are plentiful in stores.  I love that!  I love that all of the Michael Miller {and similar} designs are accessible to everyone.  


And finally {this entire post went in reverse}, last week I met a dear friend for drinks at my new favorite restaurant in Albany, Ama Cocina.  This is the art that's all over the bathroom walls and it just sort of tickles me.  It's so unexpected and fun, albeit a bit creepy.  Naturally, my first thought was to take a photo for social media.  Because normal 30-somethings do that, right?


And that brings us back to today.  Just me and my bouncy hair being all happy and whatnot.  Getting ready to ruin the hair by sweating it out on the yoga mat, but we all know that's more important than anything so it's all good.

How are you?  How was your week and weekend?  Any new drinks tasted or dates had or recipes tested?  Give me the skinny.


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MaggieMcCurdy said...

I L-O-V-E your new 'do! This is probably super weird but I am a really big fan of doing my haircuts and color on separate appointments. I am one of the (rare!) girls who hates going to the salon, I get bored and antsy after about an hour, so breaking up the regiment seems to help!

I know next to nothing about sewing, but anytime I find myself in a fabric store I have the itch to learn, the fabrics and designs are all so fun!

Glad you are able to recognize that you are in a much better place than 365 days ago, onward and upward baby!! XO!


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