Monday, March 20, 2017

Hamilton, Exposed!

Some days are just so good for the soul that they fill your proverbial bucket right up.  I had three of those days this past weekend and I hope this lovely bubble of happy and calm never wears off.

I'm going to tell you all about my weekend tomorrow when I have more time to write it all down.  But today, I'm just posting a little shout out and thank you to my sweet Squirrel Sister, Hamilton.  She made this whole weekend possible and was the best host, tour guide, weekend planner, dog pimp, and friend a girl could ask for!

Hamilton also said she was okay with having her photo on le blog.  I didn't get it in writing, but there was a witness to the conversation.  

So Hamilton.  Sorority sister, dear friend, all around adorable human.  She lets me ramble on endlessly about buildings the world has long since forgotten, bands no one has heard of, and literally every tedious thought that happens between my two ears.  Also, the inventor of the next big gastronomy crazy {you heard it here first}, oysters and truffle fries.  

Tomorrow, the full story.  Today, just a peek at two grown up adults posing in front of a house that happens to be decked out in squirrels, resulting in my overuse of the word squirreltastic!  



MCW said...

One thing you learn about NYC, is anything goes...including a squirrel house!

MCW said...

And when I saw "Hamilton," I was extremely jealous because I thought you got tickets!


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