Wednesday, February 8, 2017

YouTube, Marshmallows, Bake Sales, Gardens, And Yoga.

It's been quite a busy few weeks!  I've been playing on my YouTube Channel a lot lately.  It's similar to this blog in that I talk about a bit of everything.  I keep thinking I will narrow down what I use YouTube for but so far, it's sort of like the kid sister to this blog.  No one really watches it, save for the occasional troll who leaves me weird and mean comments, so I feel a lot of liberty to use it as I please.

If you want more of me, but want to hear my voice too, I'd love if if you went over here and subscribed.  I did a cute quiz while sitting in my bed {in front of the mistake pillow that I've grown to love} a few days ago.

I also did a step by step video on how to make homemade marshmallows.  Proof that they really are quick and easy to make at home!

I packaged up those marshmallows and some giant Rice Krispie treats to be sold at my local library's bake sale.  I have strong opinions on bake sales as a fundraising technique.  And they all conclude with  don't do bake sales.  But I'm not involved in the library.  So when I was asked to please help, I just did what I could and made things look cute.  I also jazzed up a glass jar with layers of cute paper and a Donations Welcome sign because I assumed they wouldn't have one.  They didn't and thought it was brilliant and what do you know, that little donation jar paid off big time.  {I knew it would!}

On Saturday, I signed up for my community garden again.  You have to renew your contract and pay a yearly fee.  I went early because last year it was a disaster, and it totally paid off.  I was in and out in just minutes.  On top of that, I was the first returning gardener from my little garden to sign up so I got to pick my "job" for the summer first.  Which is my goal for sign up.  I have all month to do this but I go to great and ridiculous lengths to make sure I don't get stuck with weed whacking as my job because I am really allergic to grass and also, it's not fun.  As usual, I am the person who will collect excess produce from gardeners to donate to our Squash Hunger program.  It's my favorite task because it holds such a special place in my heart!

After my garden sign up, I picked out a dozen packets of new seeds.  Nothing dazzles me more than seeds!  So much potential in those tiny packets!  In the middle there you can see my celery plant growing strong.  If you have kids, I strongly encourage you to do that with them.  Just for kicks!

And then I made a very quick video explaining how my community garden works because I get asked that a lot over on Instagram.  If you're at all curious, that video is here.

In political news, here is the list of how much the DeVos family donated to Republican senators.  So...that's a thing that happened.

Moving on...

I still have squash left and I am not mad about it!

Yesterday I put up a little video about a few seeds that I am most excited about growing in my 2017 garden.  I love playing around and trying new things.  Some work, some fail, but I {almost} always have fun and learn something from the experience.

And finally, I did something to my right shoulder area.  I have no idea what exactly, but for about a full week now I have had screaming pain, on and off, mostly early in the morning.  I have not given up on yoga though.  I've still done it daily.  But this sad, pathetic, 90 year old, modified version to avoid using my arms.  I'm sticking to my plan to do it daily again this month, but life is about adjusting, so I've had to do just that.

How have you been lately?  Anything new or exciting?  Give me the skinny!

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MCW said...

That donation list makes me irate. I just got off the phone with Mitch McConnell's office regarding the silencing of Elizabeth Warren. The girls just appeased me with "ok, thank you." I want to call back.


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