Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shopping For Seeds And Gifts At The Local Hardware Store

I ran into the hardware store again.  This time to look at seeds.  That I do not need.  Like 0% need.  But I went looking for a fix anyway, like the seed junkie I am!

Ace, however, puts their seeds out late.  I forgot that I had this experience last year, too.  I guess they cater more to the direct seed in the ground crowd rather than those of us who start seeds under grow lights.  Which is fine.  Because as I noted, I DO NOT NEED seeds.  Even if I want them.

As always, I took a quick gander at their cute gift items and thought y'all might like a bit of eye candy to start your day too.

These polka dot bowls with the pouring lip {is that what it's called?} are still some of my favorites.

I clearly have a thing for polka dots...

But above all, the winner in my book is this beyond adorable set of measuring spoons!  I can't handle how cute these little flowers in the pot would look on a kitchen counter!

Local hardware stores are the bees knees!  Always my first stop for seeds and gifts and everything in between.  


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