Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nine Months And A Nor'easter

Nine months ago today.  It's not easier.  I still cry.  And every minute of every day, I love you!

You came to me in my dreams a few days ago it was THE BEST treat ever.  It drives me insane that I can't remember every last detail when I wake up but I do my best to write it all down so those moments are there to savor.  I am so scared that I will forget bits of our journey together.

We had a nor'easter here this week, which hasn't happened in a few years.  It's funny because I bought new dog walking boots {Duck Boots} fall 2015 in anticipation of our long, slow walks together in winter 2016.  But last year, your last year, we had almost no snow.  And I never wore the boots to walk you.  But the few times I've worn them so far this year, you are the only thought in my mind.  They are still my Sadie walking boots.  

Speaking of snow, my little snow bunny, you would have LOVED this one.  Until now, everything that's come out of the sky this winter has been that heavy wet stuff because it was only just cold enough.  Which is the worst kind of snow.  That's the stuff that turns from slush to ice on a daily basis and is just so annoying on every level.

But this week's snow was cold and fluffy.  The kind of snowflakes you adored.

Remember when you would get so excited that you had to eat every bit of snow and your cute little nose and face would be just covered and I would laugh so hard?  Remember when you would randomly take a running leap into a giant snow pile and I would have to help you out?  Remember when we would walk right after the snow slowed down, before people tossed out that dreaded salt*, and we would just relish the joy of walking under the bright lights of the night that lit up the snowfall?  Remember how much you loved your coat that kept you so cozy and dry?

Me too.  

I promise to keep writing it all down so that I remember forever!

I miss you, my baby bunny.  I love you forever and always, plus one day more!

XO Momma

*PSA: Sidewalk salt burns puppy paws.  I can't tell you how many dog owners I used to see who would tell me how their dog didn't like walking in snow.  Because the snow hurt their paws.  Which isn't impossible.  But in a city or urban environment, I think it's a better bet that your pup is crying and laying down in pain because of the salt, not the snow.  It gets in between the pads of their feet and is really painful.  It's not something most people think about until they are made aware.  I carried paper towels with me in each pocket on every winter walk with Sadie and still ended up having to carry her home half the time.  Chemical sidewalk salt burns.  #TheMoreYouKnow

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MCW said...

I learned the hard way with poor Jax and his paws!!! The first winter I had him I didn't realize that happened and his paws were so sore after one walk. God thing is it wasn't bad and cleared up quickly.


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